Zack Snyder’s Trilogy is complete: HBO Max’s new trailer depicts that: So HBO Max put together a trailer about Zack Snyder’s trilogy. The trailer included Man Of Steel, Batman Vs Superman, and Justice League Snyder Cut. I will admit that the trailer looked really cool. But what the represents really broke my heart. HBO Max is treating these three movies as the complete set of movies with a beginning, middle, and end. And that is wrong. If anyone has seen any of these movies, they will know that various scenes in the movie teased some future events. And interestingly HBO Max put those in the trailer as well.

Zack Snyder’s

So, Justice League 2 and Justice League 3 are missing and Snyder Verse won’t be completed without those. It is like calling Star Wars saga complete without Episode 9. Yes, I will admit that will be better in the Star Wars case. It will be like calling the MCU Infinity saga without “Endgame”. It doesn’t work like that at all. Snyder Verse and his vision are not completed unless we get both Justice League parts. This trailer is a clear nod to everyone who wanted or hope Snyder coming back to DCEU.

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What Does It Mean?

On the plus side, HBO Max releasing this trailer means that at least HBO Max considers Snyder Cut as the cannon version of DCEU. Rather than the theatrical cut and that is good. It shows that Snyder’s version was better. But on the less positive side of things, this just confirms further that WB is not planning to continue Snyder Verse in any way whatsoever. Ann Sarnoff has already stated earlier this month that they will not continue Snyder Verse and they have their own plans for DC characters and multiverse. And this trailer further confirms that. But, what really was Snyder’s vision? What did he plan for the DCEU characters and storyline? Luckily, from various sources and Zack Snyder’s own Vero account people have made a compelling story and Snyder himself has confirmed that.

Snyder Verse Storyline

Zack Snyder’s DCEU storyline is like a poem if it gets the chance to be completed. It starts with Superman and will end with him only. What starts with Man Of Steel will end when Superman will lead humanity to a victory against the evil forces of Darkseid.

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Ultimately, part 2 of Zack Snyder’s Justice League would have focused on an Evil Superman. Yes, the premonition you saw at the end of Snyder Cut was real. It will happen and Superman will ruin the world. It will happen because of Flash reversing the timeline and because of that Lois losing his life. And that will be the final nail to turn Superman into a bad side. The whole league will combine their powers to save Superman and who knows we would have also seen Flash reversing the time again.

Part 3 of the series will focus on Superman leading humanity to a victory against Darkseid. After coming to light again he will fight against the evil. Maybe, Flash would have restored the timeline or something like that. We just won’t be able to know at this point.

Snyder Verse Future?

Yes, by the looks of it, it is the end line for Snyder Verse as far as WB is concerned. They will produce their own movies with different directors and producers. But, I refuse to believe that, at least at this point. The fact that they are actually promoting the movie after its release tells me that this is not over yet. They know the potential in it and they will continue to the saga. They have to. Even the wordings in HBO Max released trailer give me hope. “The path was long but justice is coming. The completion of Zack Snyder’s Trilogy” and we know that Man Of Steel and Batman Vs Superman wasn’t solely his movies. Yes, they were directed by him, but his real trilogy would have been of Justice League. All three Justice League movies would have been all him.

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I know at this point it feels like I am living on false hopes. But remember, there was a time when they weren’t planning to release Snyder Cut either. But, we fans made that happen. And until Zack Snyder himself doesn’t back down, who am I to lose hope? He wants to conclude his story and I will watch him complete his vision.