Yes Day Official Trailer: Jennifer Garner is back with yet another comedy-drama. It really seems like she has adopted this role of her rather nicely. Yes Day trailer was released a few days ago and it had got a lot of mixed reviews. By the looks of the Yes day official trailer, it seems like this is a pretty harmless movie that you can enjoy with your family on a fun weekend. Other than Jennifer, Edgar Ramirez is also in the movie and it will be something new to see him in a comedy role. It has been a while that Netflix had released a good, decent family comedy movie and we hope that this might be the one.

This is a movie that I would definitely watch. The movie seems fun and a good watch. The plot of the movie is simple and intriguing. This movie has some real-life touch to it. Jennifer Garner stated in an interview that she and her children celebrate Yes Day as a tradition every year. The tradition started when her middle daughter was really young and asked if they can celebrate Yes Day as a Christmas gift. It has been a tradition in their household for almost a decade now. 

Yes day official trailer

The trailer seems to introduce us to the characters and gave us a glimpse of the story. I am just afraid that they didn’t pull out all the stops on the trailer only. If yes, then this movie might suffer because of it. But that is a thing to worry about for some other time. As of now, the trailer seems really fun. It had some pretty old jokes but they worked. Jeniffer looked bright like sunshine in the movie. I am afraid that her charm might make me a fun-loving person. It will not be wrong to say that she was the star of the trailer and might even carry the movie also. Out of all the new Netflix Movies, this might be the one I am looking forward to watching the most. 

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Yes Day Plot 

Netflix describes the movie as “Always feeling like they have to say NO to their kids and co-workers, Allison and Carlos decide to give their three kids a YES DAY — where for 24 hours the kids make the rules. Little did they know that they’d be going on a whirlwind adventure around Los Angeles, that would bring the family closer to each other than ever before.” The movie is based on an American best-seller novel by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

The movie is based on the Torress family and their journey to connect with each other. As you have read from the synopsis that both parents decide to do whatever their kids want for one day. But it won’t be that simple. The movie is fun but it will be so much more than aimless comedy. The family will connect with each other and will understand each other like never before. The dialogue of Jennifer where she says that even she won’t want to hang out with her now describes the development her character will have in the movie. Don’t worry, it won’t be this deep and you will be able to enjoy it without any problems. 

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Yes Day Official Trailer Breakdown 

The trailer started with Jennifer Garner saying that parents and children never see eye to eye on rules. One day their eldest daughter Katie Torress introduced them to Yes Day. All the three kids challenged them to be fun again and the parents accepted. The day starts and the fun begins. The parents were not all in at the start but after hearing the kids they decide to be all in. And that’s when the fun really starts. The trailer featured so many things where the whole family was having fun and we hope that we also feel the same while watching the movie. 

Yes Day Release Date

The movie is all set to release on March 12, 2021. With only a few days left, I am really not able to contain my excitement anymore. The movie won’t have any regional block so you will be able to enjoy it from any part of the world. Yes Day official trailer will be 1 hour and 26 minutes long. It’s a bummer that the movie won’t be released in halls given the current circumstances, but watching it on your couch with your family is just as good.

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Yes Day Cast 

The movie features Jennifer Garner as Allison Torress and Edgar Ramirez as Carlos Torress. We have seen Edgar previously in movies like Point Break, The girl on the train, Hands-on Stone, and many more. He is a brilliant actor and has shown it time after time. He doesn’t get the due that he deserves. We hope that movie turns out to be the changing point in his career for the better. Other members are Jenna Ortega as Katie Torress, Megan Scott as Layla, June Diane Raphael as Aurora Peterson. You can read the full cast on Netflix’s official website. The cast is strong and you can really put your hopes up for this one. 

The movie will be directed by Miguel Arteta who has previously worked on movies like Chuck and Buck, The Good Girl, and many more. Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Justin Malen will serve as the writer of the movie. Jennifer Garner along with Mark Moran will produce the movie. Micheal Andrews composes the music and Terry Stacey will handle the cinematography. 

All in all the movie looks like a hit and will definitely try to make you laugh. Jennifer Garner herself is producing the movie so it looks like she has high hopes for this one. We have to wait and see what this movie might offer us.