Xtreme Netflix Movie Review, A Gore and action packed movie that justifies its name.

Xtreme Netflix Movie Review, How long has it been since Netflix released a movie that justified everything it stood for. Netflix Xtreme came out earlier this month and it completely blew my mind. It was gory, action-packed and it was extreme. So, if you are an action fan who shows lots of blood, Xtreme Netflix is the perfect movie for you. Even though the movie’s plot is really simple, the action scenes make up for that in every sense. You won’t be bored even for one second while watching it. And Netflix Xtreme is just 1h 51min long, so you can watch it without any problem.

Xtreme Netflix Movie Review

Xtreme Netflix Movie Review

Xtreme Netflix Movie Plot

The official synopsis of the movie reads “Two years after the murder of his son and father, a retired hitman sets in motion a carefully crafted revenge plan against the killer: his own brother”.

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As I said earlier the plot is as simple as it can get. But that is a good thing for Xtreme Netflix. The plot revolves around Max, who is a retired Hitman. He worked for a Barcelona crime family. His boss is like a father to him and that really bothers Lucero. Who is the real sn of the Yakuza boss? He ruins Max’s life and forces him into hiding. And as expected, Max alongside his new friend Leo and Maria makes a plan for revenge. But will it be that easy? Because there is a whole army alongside Lucero and our main heroes are only three in numbers.

What works for Xtreme Netflix is that it had a very simple yet strong plot alongside really interesting characters. You can love these characters without much of a problem. Another thing that worked for the movie was the way it was dubbed. the dubbing of the movie is quite amazing. You can feel the emotions and authenticity in the voice, which is not something you usually find in a dub version. Xtreme Netflix is only 2 hours long. So, it wasn’t slow at any point in time. You can feel the thrill and sense of danger in every scene.

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Netflix Xtreme Performances

In movies like Xtreme Netflix, you look for gore and carnage. And what is better than a person who births chaos everywhere he goes without any particular reason? The answer is, absolutely nothing. And Lucero and his right-hand man Finito are perfect examples of that. So, the actors had to portray that. And trust me both Oscar Jaenada and Sergio Peris-Mecheta ruled their role. You can see their murderous intent just by looking at their eyes. The perfect blend of their gruesome and sarcastic intent is just something wonderful to watch. Another cast also did a commendable job but these two were just out of this world in this movie.

Netflix Xtreme Direction

Netflix Xtreme is directed in a generic thriller kind of way but has something different about it. Even though we have seen similar kinds of shots in previous foreign movies on Netflix. There was something different about it. Keeping that aside the direction was pretty solid. Especially at the time of an action scene. The decision of using a still camera for a major part of action scenes is really new and works according to the setting of the movie.

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Netflix Xtreme: Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, absolutely Yes. It is an entertaining movie that will keep you invested from the start to the bottom. This movie also has those cliché thrill movie dialogues that serve as an adrenaline rush. So, when Maria said she will kill everyone, I believed her. Not every movie should be rich in the storyline or have deep meaning. Netflix Xtreme is exactly what it is supposed to be. And entertaining thriller packed with lots of action and gore. Just like John Wick. This movie has John Wick 3 kinds of vibe and that is never a bad thing. So, if you want to watch a movie that will entertain you without making you think much. Netflix Xtreme is the perfect movie for you.

Netflix Xtreme: Where To Watch?

You can watch the movie on Netflix only. And the movie is available without any regional boundaries so you will be able to enjoy it from anywhere in the world. Netflix Xtreme can serve as a perfect weekend watch for you.

This was our Xtreme Netflix Review. What do you think about the movie? Let us know. And for more Netflix Reviews keep following Reelsrated.