The film Operation Mincemeat is directed by John Madden and starring Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, and Kelly Macdonald. It is based on genuine events that occurred during the secret Operation Mincemeat. It is also known as one of the most sophisticated and intricate British deception operations ever developed. For years, filmmakers have been inspired by spies’ secret operations throughout WWII. After Operation Mincemeat, check out these eight WWII spy thrillers based on genuine events or individuals.

1. Female Agents (2008)

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Director- Jean-Paul Salome

Lieutenant Pierre Desfontaines orders his sister Louise to persuade three other women to join him in forming a five-woman task team. In order to rescue a British geologist from a German hospital in the countryside in 1944. Colonel Maurice Buckmaster had dispatched the geologist to a survey mission of the soil of the Normandy beaches for D-Day. However, he had been taken by the Germans. Louise and Pierre use blackmail and unethical methods to convince the prostitute Jeanne Faussier, who is imprisoned for murdering her pimp. The explosives expert Galle Lemenech, who is missing in action. Along with he former dancer and fiancée of Colonel Karl Heindrich, Suzy Desprez, to fly to France and join the Italian agent Maria Luzzato in the mission.

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They are successful. However, Pierre betrays the group when delivering the geologist to the British plane. He forces the women to travel to Paris in order to assassinate Colonel Heindrich, who believes the allied forces would land in Normandy via a perilous operation.

2. Charlotte Gray (2001)

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Director- Gilliam Armstrong

During World War II, Charlotte, a young Scottish woman who studies in France, gets station in London. She falls in love with a young pilot. Later, gets recruited by the Secret Service to work as a courier for the French Resistance within a few weeks. Her assignment behind enemy lines. However, becomes a personal mission to locate her sweetheart, who was shot down. Assigned to a Communist Resistance group, she finds betrayal from a variety of sources. However, she faces the severity of battle and her personal disillusionment with optimism.

3. The Imitation Game (2014)

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Director- Morten Tyldum

One who is impell to create is deem weird in society. The nonconformist has it tough in society. A creator can use his wits to solve unfathomable puzzles or compose symphonies. He transforms nothing into something. If someone succeeds in his attempt, the masses of society may collectively refer to him as “genius”. However, beware: this indicates they can’t comprehend the accomplishment or hope to match the mind that created it. With one hand, they will happily receive his gifts. While with the other, they will push him into a snake pit. As a result, Alan Mathison Turing, master of the problem and founder of the modern computer, has a warning tale to tell.

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4. The Exception (2016)

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Director- David Leveaux

The abdicated German monarch, Kaiser Wilhelm II, is nevertheless regarded a prominent figure. Above all, an attractive murder target, while wasting away the hours in an isolated countryside house near Nazi-occupied Utrecht. As a result, in order to forestall a possible assassination attempt on the silver-haired former monarch’s life. The hesitant Wehrmacht Captain Stefan Brandt gets assign to his security. As there are rumours that a sneaky spy is among them. Against all obstacles, Stefan will begin a passionate clandestine affair with Mieke de Jong. The mansion’s mysterious Dutch handmaiden, putting an already dangerously explosive situation in jeopardy.

5. Operation Finale (2018)

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Director- Chris Weitz

The story of how a group of Israeli secret agents apprehended legendary SS member Adolf Eichmann. The man who masterminded the “Final Solution,” in Argentina is told in director Chris Weitz’s historical thriller. Ben Kingsley plays his emotionally manipulative arch-nemesis, Peter Malkin, a legendary Mossad agent. Malkin and his men tracked down Eichmann in Buenos Aires and kidnaps him. All of them, bringing him to Israel for a historic eight-month trial.

6. A Call To Spy (2019)

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Director-  Lydia Dean Pilcher

Churchill instructs his new spy agency, the Special Operations Executive (SOE). In order to recruit and train women as spies at the start of WWII, when Britain is desperate. Their difficult mission: sabotage and resistance building. Vera Atkins, SOE’s “spymistress,” recruits two unique candidates. Virginia Hall, a determined American with a wooden limb, and Noor Inayat Khan, a Muslim pacifist. These women work together to destabilise the Nazi dictatorship in France, leaving an indelible mark in the process.

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7. Munich: The Edge Of War (2021)

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Director- Christian Schwochow

Adapted from Robert Harris’s international best-seller. Europe is on the verge of war in Autumn 1938. Adolf Hitler is preparing to attack Czechoslovakia, and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain is desperately looking for a diplomatic solution. Hugh Legat is a British civil servant, and Paul von Hartman is a German ambassador. Both fly to Munich for an emergency meeting as the pressure mounts. As the negotiations begin, the two old friends find themselves caught in a labyrinth of political deception and imminent peril.

8. The Spy (2019)

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Director- Jens Jonsson

Sonja Wigert, played by Norwegian actress Ingrid Bols Berdal, is the inspiration for the film The Spy. During WWII, Swedish intelligence recruited Wigert, a prominent Norwegian-Swedish cinema star, to work as a spy. Wigert caught the interest of a Nazi officer, Josef Terboven, when the war broke out, and he forced her to spy on the Swedes, causing her to live a double life.
Sonja Wigert was not a German ally when the Germans recognised it in 1943. They propagate false information about her, and she gets shunn in Sweden and Norway. Wigert attempted to defend her identity after the war, but the rumour that she was a German agent was too powerful.