“Kaun Hindu kaun Musalmaan thappa kidhar hai?”

PK (2014)

Directed by : Rajkumar Hirani

Cast : Amir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput, Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla

Runtime : 152 mins.

Streaming Platform : Netflix


PK on Netflix is a light hearted film that deals with the frowned upon questions in a typical Indian society. The film is structured in the classic and iconic Hirani style comprising of a flawed system functioning as a stereotype and a character alien to the system enters it, where he meets another character struggling with the same system. As the alienated character tries to develop, he is subjected to several aspects of the system often characterized as impractical and illogical. However, the system is too busy sustaining itself that there is no room for rectification.

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The film could easily be observed depicting a concept of bribery to a supernatural entity. In a practical world, both the concepts are only known to man. However, Hirani does play a very sharp trick as the writer by leaving the scope for fate to decide the protagonist’s journey. Inducing the statement that the concept of chance prevails. Thus, avoiding any type harm to the religious sentiments of any group.


The characters are the main highlight of the film. They could be divided into 3 simple categories: The System, The Alien, The Observer. All of the characters represent their stereotypes in absolute innocence, which leads to both comic events and the propagation of the story. The character arch is very accessible to the audience. Thus, inducing such an effect on the audience’s minds that their thought grows with the character accordingly. But the factor that limits the characters is that they never fully get out of their shell and the ultimate conclusion is they continue to propagate in the direction they did with an improvised thought process. Technically stating that the system continues as is.

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The propagation of the storyline is heavily dependent on location & time thus making the story more gullible and improving overall quality. However, the plot falls in a bit of a pendulum when the film is approaching it’s peak/climax. The stereotypical portrayal of characters comically serves benefits to the protagonist but weakens the plot.

In the field of direction, Hirani displays the mark of a genius. Using comedy a catalyst and as a spectacle, He covers any visible plot holes thus modifying curiosity to humor and sham. Although, The most noticeable and appreciable factor in the direction is the simplicity of the storyline. The twists and turns arrive so swiftly that it does not break an overall flow induced by the film. Overall the film could be put in the category of Hirani’s finest works such as 3 Idiots & Munna Bhai MBBS.

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We live in a country with a vast religious turmoil & watching films such as PK even today helps restore the values such as peace and compassion. Thus, PK on Netflix remains as prevalent as the year of it’s release and would be thoroughly enjoyed by generations to come.