People react to the term “Anime Movies” differently. Some think it is for kids; some think it is only fan service and nothing more. While that is true, it is not what anime movies are entirely.

Apart from all these misconceptions, there are still so many people that like anime movies. And as of late, the trend is on the rise, its popularity is only growing, and it won’t stop anytime soon.

Be it the astute animation of Studio Ghilbi or the over-the-top storyline and action of Toei Animation, there are many reasons to love an anime movie. And we will try to list as many reasons as we can in this article, so please stay.


Let’s get this over with as soon as we can. Studio Ghibli has increased our expectations tenfolds. But with the growing popularity of anime movies worldwide, even a small production house can produce some excellent animation work.

Anime Movies
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The recently released Jujutsu Kaisen 0 by Mappa Studios is the perfect example of how excellent and astute animation work can captivate the audience’s heart and steer them toward the theaters.


Another thing that attracts moviegoers to anime movies is the complex storylines that captivate them. In anime, anything is possible, and this unpredictability creates an atmosphere where everyone wants to get involved.

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You can never predict what will happen in an anime until the end. And the storylines are so entertaining and fantastic that you can’t keep your eyes off them. There is blood, gore, murders, and everything that you can ask for.

And there are hundreds of genres you choose from. From Slice Of Life to Psychological Thrillers, from Romantic movies that will make you cry out loud to comedy movies that will make your stomach ache, anime movies provide us with everything.


Another thing that is so lovable about anime movies is their wide range of characters. There is nothing black and white about those characters, and everyone has a shade of grey.

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You have terrific heroes whose back stories will move you. Even the antagonists have a story that will make you relate to them. There are so many excellent villains that anime movie has given us.

One Piece is the best example of every character with a sensible and brilliant back/origin story. And you can see for yourself how popular that show is. One Piece has been ruling the world stage for 2 decades now, and one of the main reasons is the characters of the show/movie.