The hottest series on Netflix Right Now?: There is a pandemic going on outside and you guys have nothing to do. Well, we have got you covered with the best series on Netflix right now. These are the sexiest show on Netflix that will set the mood perfectly for this lockdown. So, without waiting any further let’s get on with the list.

The hottest series on Netflix Right Now?

hottest series on Netflix Right Now?


Netflix Valeria is one of the most vibrant series I have ever watched. It captures you in its own world and you won’t ever want to come out of it. Netflix Valeria is a Spanish drama, based on the novels by Elísabet Benavent, is sex in the city esque show. It is filled with comedy, romance and drama all along and definitely are one of the hottest series on Netflix.

Tiny Pretty Things

Netflix Tiny Pretty Things is a train wreck of a show. The writing of the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things is all over the place. It is so bad that it is actually good. It is entertaining and will keep you entertained till the very end. You won’t be able to make sense of what is happening, but that is another thing. And to be honest, no one is watching Netflix Tiny Pretty Things for writing anyway. So, it is a perfect mood-setter for the weekend.

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Netflix Hollywood follows several stories of Hollywood from the 1940s. Which was considered the golden age of Hollywood. Now, if you are focusing a story on young and upcoming stars in Hollywood, obviously there is going to be some kind of controversy and scandal inserted in the show. Netflix Hollywood is an interesting alternate universe of Hollywood filled with hot and steamy scenes. And it is much deeper than just that. Definitely, one of the hottest series on Netflix right now.

Dark Desire

Now, we are in the real hot territory. Netflix Dark Desire is just that kind of show. If you are watching for the plot, you should skip Netflix Dark Desire. But if you want a show filled with attractive people with their bodies covered in sweat, this is the show for you all. Netflix Dark Desire is a Mexican story that follows the life of Anna. It is definitely the hottest series on Netflix right now.

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Now, let’s travel back to 1800 Britain. Netflix Bridgeton might be one of the best book adaptations I have ever watched. Bridgerton might have been overacted at some points of the show, but it is worth it. It is a Grey’s Anatomy type drama but in a Victorian setting and I absolutely loved it. The show might have turned into drama after the first season, but the first season was pure romance. The chemistry between the lead actors is so electrifying and so good that it really baffles my mind. The show is filled with cute little romantic tropes like long glancing, lead actors blushing just by the sight of each other. It is a decent show that will keep you around till the end.

Bitter Daisies 

Netflix Bitter Daisies is a Galician-language thriller drama. It has a similar kind of vibes to True Detective, but obviously, True Detective is much better. I liked Bitter Daisies for what it was. It was an investigative series and nothing else. If you want some Sherlock kind of thing, it is not for you. Netflix Bitter Daisies is a slow and deliberate series that hangs on to the tension of every scene. It is able to hold your interest and will give you a satisfactory end.

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Netflix Unstoppable has Barbara Lopez in it which make it one of the hottest show automatically. The story is based on three friends who pick up a girl named Marela during their road trip. And then starts drugs, parties, and Chaos. If I have to compare Unstoppable with a popular movie it will be Spring Breakers. It is a bomb show and will give you everything you expect from it. And as I said earlier, it is worthy of being in the hottest show on Netflix.


Netflix Ingobernable is surprisingly a very good show. It is a Mexican political crime drama and will give you the House of Cards vibe completely. I completely binged the series in one go and was so impressed by it. Netflix Ingobernable is a perfect political crime drama that will keep you engaged from start to finish. The first two episodes are a bit slow, but when the whole cast comes together in the third episode, it gets so good so fast.

These were our picks for Hottest Series on Netflix right now. Know of any other Netflix series that we might have missed? Let us know down below.