The Suicide Squad post-credit scene sets up a new series altogether!!

The Suicide Squad, Now that The Suicide Squad is out everywhere we think it is the right time to discuss it. If you have already watched The Suicide Squad you might know that there is a post-credit scene in the movie. Many fans are confused regarding the post-credit scene of the movie. And we are here to clear all the doubts that you have.

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad

How many post-credit scenes does The Suicide Squad have?

There is only one post-credit scene in The Suicide Squad. And this is where the confusion arises. There is a credit scene right after the end of the movie. And many fans left the theater after that scene only. As they thought that is the post-credit scene.

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But we assure you that it isn’t the post-credit scene. There is a post-credit scene after all the credits as well. And if you ask me it is a real good post-credit scene. It is something that sets up a future project very nicely. We will explain both of the bonus scenes of the movie right now.

Weasel Survives!

In the first credit scene right after the end of the movie, we saw Weasel survived. Weasel was a comedic relief character who was part of the first Suicide Squad that was eliminated at the north shore. He drowned in the first scene and was declared dead. But in the last scene, we saw that Weasel wasn’t dead. He got up and went into the jungle. Now, don’t expect something big from this. Weasel is just a comedic relief character and he might remain that only. We might see a cameo from him in the third installment of the movie.

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Peacemaker Will Be Back!!

Now, this is the real post-credit scene that we were talking about. At the end of the movie, we saw that Peacemaker has his own set of agenda in the mission. He was set up by Amanda Waller to cover up the secrets. But in a confrontation with Bloodsport(Idris Alba), Peacemaker dies. And he died pretty quickly, to be honest.

But as Peacemaker said himself, he is resilient. The second post-credit scene proved that Peacemaker is alive and he was recovered from all the debris. We don’t know who recovered him, but our best guess obviously is Amanda Waller. He was getting treated for his injuries and two of Amanda’s employees visit him in the hospital.

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Now, this might not be a surprise for everyone who really follows DCEU. John Cena has already confirmed that he will return to the role for a Peacemaker television series that will debut on in January 2022. 

And this cliffhanger sets it up perfectly. He will be under Waller’s employees John Economos and  Emilia Harcourt. They will most probably be the handlers of Peacemaker. And his mission will obviously be to “SAVE THE WORLD”.

What Will Peacemaker Show Be About?

The official synopsis of the show reads “The origin of the DC superhero so dedicated to world peace that he is prepared to use the force of arms to achieve it.”

So we will be getting the backstory of Peacemaker and I am really excited about that. And if you are thinking that Peacemaker will take revenge on Bloodsport, you have to wait for that. As Idris Alba will not appear in the Peacemaker series. Maybe we will see their confrontation in Suicide Squad 3.

The show will consist of 9 episodes and will stream on HBO Max.