Big things are about to come!!

It’s been 3 days since Shang-Chi was released. So, I think it is the right time to talk about those post-credit scenes now. Because they were brilliant if you ask me. The whole movie was brilliant from start to finish. I absolutely loved Shang-Chi: The Legend Of The Ten Rings. I know we have seen lots of origin movies by Marvel till now. But Shang Chi might be one of the best in that terms. If you are a Marvel fan, you will love this movie. Because it has everything a typical Marvel movie has and it provides something new as well.

But let’s talk about those mid and post-credit scenes. Yes, Shang Chi has two post-credit scenes. And yes that is a treat for us. In my opinion, both of the post-credit scenes were really good. One set up the second part of the movie brilliantly and the other sets up some major event in the whole Marvel Universe. And we will talk about them both right now.

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What Does The Post-Credit Scene Mean For The Future?

Let’s talk about the final post-credit scene of the movie first. In the final post-credit scene we saw that Xialing is now the head of the Ten Rings. And she will run the cult now. Earlier, we also saw Shang-Chi saying that Xialing is shutting down all of his father’s business. But apparently, she is not doing that anymore. Change in plan folks! She is now running the organization but with some big changes. First of all, we saw that both male and female training together. So, it is the new Ten Rings now. And considering we saw “Ten Rings Will Return”, Xialing will have a major role in the movie and so will her organization now.

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What Does Shang-Chi Mid-Credit Scene Imply?

Now, we are here for the big reveal now. The mid-credit scene of Shang-Chi was the scene that made all the difference. If you were disappointed that the movie didn’t show us more of the rings you shouldn’t be. As the mid-credit scene told us that they have big plans for the rings in the future. And it also marks the fact that Ten Rings will have a massive impact on Marvel Universe in the future as well. So, Shang-Chi will be a part of the Avengers in the future.

The mid-credit scene started with Shang-Chi and Katy in the bar telling their epic story to their friends. When suddenly Wong appears behind them and asks them to follow him as Shaun(Shang-Chi) has the Ten Rings now.

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After a cut, we saw Wong, Katy, and Shaun in Sanctum Sanctorum examining the rings. But we also saw two holograms in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Those holograms were of Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel. And they were examining the rings saying they haven’t seen anything like this before. Wong said that they are even older than 1000 years and they don’t know what impact they will have on the universe. Bruce and Wong welcome them to Avengers.

So, just by this interaction, we can see MCU has big plans for the future. And just like the first three-phase, all the stories will connect into the end to face something bigger than ever.

Shang-Chi Mid Credit Scene

Shang Chi: Is It Worth It?

If you haven’t figured it out by no then, Yes!! Shang-Chi is worth all your time. It is just 2 hours long so you won’t be investing that much time anyway and it will all be worth it.