Venom, The hell is breaking loose. Maybe we should call Spider-Man.

Venom 2 Release Date, Preview, Cast, and Other Details: Finally, it looks like we are getting a Carnage movie. It has been long overdue. We haven’t heard much about Venom: Let There Be Carnage since last April. But, it looks like they are going to completely redeem themselves with the second part.

The trailer was brilliant and showed us what might be a darker version of Venom. If you think that the first part was dark, you might be for a treat with the second part. The trailer showed us the origin of Carnage. It will be a delight to see the fight of two symbiotes. The trailer also showed Venom and Eddie co-existing and trying out this new setting. They are getting friendly for sure. Venom can now have full conversations without much of a hassle. It also gave Venom a kind of soft anti-hero vibes. Maybe he has become soft and kind of human after living with Eddie for so long. And Carnage is going to feast on that humanity for sure. I am getting excited just by thinking about it.

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Venom 2

Let There Be Carnage Plot

As of now the producers or makers of the movie haven’t released even a tiny bit of information regarding the movie. They have praised the movie, saying it an “extraordinary piece of cinema”, but that is it. But there are certain possibilities that can happen.

In terms of storytelling, we might get closure with Anne Weying and Eddie. And finally, can they please turn Anne into She-Venom, I will buy those tickets for you then. One thing confirmed is that Carnage will be the main villain of the movie and I am all in for that. If you don’t read comics you might not know who Shriek is. Shriek is one of the main enemies of Spiderman and usually works alongside Carnage only. It will be really cool to see her on the big screen.

Kevin Feige has previously hinted that we might see a Spiderman cameo in the film. But don’t get your hopes up of anything, it can all be a ruse. One thing I am certain of is that we can get Morbius cameo in the movie. And in Morbiu’s second trailer we have seen Micheal Keaton as the vulture. So Spiderman cameo is fully on the table. Kevin Fiege has said that Sony and Marvel will collide for SpiderMan 3, which is also around the corner. So, it is an exciting time for everyone that loves Marvel.

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Let There Be Carnage Release Date

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage will now release on September 24, 2021. Considering everything the delay is not that big, but when you are excited about something even one day feels like a year. The movie is getting a worldwide release, so you will be able to enjoy it from any part of the world. The movie will release in with 3D, IMAX, and hopefully in 4DX too. We just hope that the Coronavirus pandemic can be controlled by then and we can get a full-fledged release of the movie.

Let There Be Carnage Cast

Tom Hardy will make his return as the main hero of the movie. Other cast includes Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady/Carnage, and Reid Scott as Dr.Dan Lewis. You can read the full cast list at their official website or at IMDB.

We are only waiting for confirmation of this rumor, because it looks really solid. Another guest appearance will include Sean Delaney. He has said that his role will be really small, but it is really cool. So, we are predicting he will play a major character that will appear in future movies. Jared Leto as Morbius can appear in the movie. And we really hope we can see at least one glimpse of Spiderman, at least in the post-credit scenes.

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Andy Serkis will direct the second part of the movie rather than Ruben Fleischer. Kelly Marcel is working on the script, Avi Arad and Kelly Marcel are producing the movie.

Let There Be Carnage: What To Expect?

I was excited about the movie. But after the trailer, I am completely on board with this project. I think it will be a blast. I am pretty sure of it. The action is going to blow the roof completely. I mean, even the action was amazing in the first part. Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage will mop the floor with the first part in terms of action. And now that we have gotten rid of Woody’s weird wig, I can finally take him seriously. He will be a perfect Carnage. I am sure of it. If there is even one proper showdown between Carnage and Venom and they go all out I am all for it. Just give me something like Batman Vs Superman and I will watch it daily.