Stanley Tucci has a diverse filmography that includes several films that you may have forgotten about or never heard of. Tucci is best recognised for his parts in critically and publicly acclaimed films such as The Devil Wears Prada (2006), The Lovely Bones (2009), and The Hunger Games franchise (2012-2015), but he has also been in lesser-known films. Let’s look at some of his lesser-known but still interesting characters.

1. A Private War (2018)

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Director- Matthew Heineman

Marie Colvin is one of the most well-known war correspondents of our time. In a world when journalism is under threat. Colvin is a courageous and rebellious spirit who is pushed to the frontlines of wars all over the world to give voice to the unheard. While continuously pushing the boundaries of bravery and audacity. She wears a unique eye patch after being struck by a grenade in Sri Lanka. She’s as as at ease sipping martinis with London’s elite as she is confronting dictators. Colvin sacrifices intimate relationships, and when the tragedy she has experienced takes its toll, her personal life begins to crumble. Nonetheless, her desire to document the true cost of conflict led her and renowned combat photographer Paul Conroy to the most dangerous job of their life in the besieged Syrian city of Homs.

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2. Margin Call (2011)

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Director- J.C. Chandor

One of the casualties of a downsizing at a reputable financial firm is the risk-management division head. He was working on a big analysis when he was fired. His protégé finishes the study late at night. Then panics phones his colleagues to inform them of the company’s financial disaster. What follows is a lengthy night of terrified double-checking and double-dealing as senior management prepares to do everything. It takes to avoid the impending disaster. Even while a handful of ethical coworkers are dragged along with them into the unethical abyss.

3. It Could Happen To You (1994)

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Director- Andrew Bergman

Charlie Lang, a dedicated spouse and dutiful NYPD officer with a golden heart, finds himself short on cash at the restaurant where the honest and recently bankrupt waitress Yvonne Biasi works. To get out of this humiliating situation, Charlie offers to share half of his lottery winnings in exchange for a tip, despite the fact that he is in possession of a winning $4 million lottery ticket. As a result, much to his voracious wife Muriel’s dismay, Charlie must maintain his word; after all, there’s still enough of money for her to indulge in an endless shopping spree.

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4. Prizzi’s Honor (1985)

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Director- John Huston

Charley Partanna, a hitman in New York, is like a son to his godfather, Don Corrado Prizzi, a powerful mobster. Charley meets Irene Walker during a wedding of a family member and falls in love with her. Irene poses as a tax advisor, but she is actually a killer recruited by the Prizzis for a “contract” in New York. They marry, and Charley subsequently discovers that she betrayed the Prizzis by stealing their money in a casino. Between his code of honour with the Prizzi family and his love for Irene, Charley must choose.

5. The Daytrippers (1996)

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Director- Greg Mottola

The feature debut of writer-director Greg Mottola signalled the entrance of an unassumingly sharp-witted new talent on the 1990s independent film scene with its sardonic comedy and bittersweet emotional depth. Eliza seeks guidance from her close-knit Long Island family after discovering a love note written to her husband by an unknown paramour. Soon after, the entire family—strong-willed mom, quiet dad, and cynical sister with pretentious boyfriend in tow—squeezed into a station waggon and drove to Manhattan to find out the truth, setting off a one-day odyssey filled of unexpected twists and life-changing revelations. The Daytrippers is a witty and biting look at familial connections stretched to the breaking point, performed with deadpan brilliance by a top-flight ensemble cast.

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6. The Terminal (2004)

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Director- Steven Spielberg

Unfortunately, Viktor Navorski finds himself on the wrong end of a cruel technicality the moment he steps foot in JFK airport, since his motherland of Krakozhia has dissolved in violent unrest, rendering his passport useless. Viktor was planning to immigrate to New York but was denied permission to leave Kennedy Airport. Unable to return home, he is detained within the terminal’s international transit lounge. Viktor is now an annoyance bureaucrat, and while the rigorous airport official, Frank Dixon, is uncomfortable with his presence, other airport employees, notably Amelia, a lovely flight attendant, regard him as a friend. The bustling terminal gradually becomes Viktor’s new home, a country within a country, full of aspirations, hopes, and the longing for love, as the days turn into weeks, which develop into months.

7. Deconstructing Harry (1997)

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Director- Woody Allen

Harry Block, an untrustworthy, philandering, and pill-popping novelist, has established a habit of drawing inspiration from the lives of others, including his lovers, family, acquaintances, and ex-wives. However, as he prepares to accept an honorary degree from his institution, Harry is plagued with writer’s block, and to make matters worse, his most recent girlfriend is leaving him for his closest buddy. But enough is enough, and Harry will have to pay the price and realise his blunder.