You should be aware of the great hidden gems that Hulu recently added to its extensive library of films. These movies weren’t big box office hits, but they nonetheless deserve more appreciation and attention. It can be difficult to decide which obscure movies you should watch, but happily, Hulu has a tonne of them available right now, especially from the 2010s. Look them up below.

1. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (2019)

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Director- Céline Sciamma

1760, France For-hire painter Marianne has been called to a remote cliff-side manor. It is wedged between the untamed sea and the harsh terrain of an island off the Brittany Coast for a covert assignment. Assuming the role of Hélose’s promenade companion during the day, Marianne must absorb every nuance of the unhappy-eyed woman’s face. After receiving a commission from an Italian countess to paint the wedding portrait of her difficult daughter. However, as Marianne sneaks a peak at oblivious Hélose to paint a portion of her form at night, short glances turn into hungry gazes, creating a silent admiration and wordless closeness between the unusual painter and her subject.

2. Disobedience (2017)

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Director- Sebastián Lelio

After learning of her estranged father’s passing, New York photojournalist Ronit Krushka takes a flight to London. Ronit is going back to the same Orthodox Jewish community that rejected her years ago. Ashe had a childhood crush on a female friend named Esti. As the two ladies explore the limits of sexuality and faith, their serendipitous and pleasant reunion soon reignites their raging passion.

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3. Princess Cyd (2017)

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Director- Stephen Cone

16-year-old Cyd is sent to spend the summer in Chicago with her author aunt Miranda in Princess Cyd. Since Cyd’s mother’s funeral when he was eight years old, the two had not spoken. However, they rapidly get close and their friendship develops as they talk about significant issues and alter each other’s perspectives. During the summer, Cyd explores her sexuality and starts a relationship with barista Katie.

4. Ingrid Goes West (2017)

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Director- Matt Spicer

Social media stalker Ingrid Thorburn is insane and has a history of mistaking “likes” for genuine connections. The latest fixation of Ingrid is the impeccably curated, boho-chic lifestyle of Instagram “influencer” Taylor Sloane. When Ingrid moves to Los Angeles and succeeds in slipping into the life of the social media celebrity, their friendship swiftly devolves into a #WTF situation.

5. Luce (2019)

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Director- Julius Onah

Luce, an outstanding debater and all-state high school athlete, is the face of the modern American Dream. And so are his parents, who ten years ago adopted him from a war-torn nation. Luce’s impeccable reputation is questioned when his teacher discovers a startling surprise in his locker.

6. Leave No Trace (2018)

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Director- Debra Granik

On unauthorised national park land in Oregon, a veteran with severe emotional trauma and his teenage daughter have lived off the grid for many years, surviving and prospering. They are later rehomed after being discovered by park police. In an effort to make things work, he accepts a job on a Christmas tree farm in exchange for lodgings. But he finds working with animals to be more comfortable than with people. She wants to stay, has made friends, is learning about life in the “real” world. She wants to develop and change. When he hears the call of freedom, they leave their home state in search of serenity only to return when he falls and is barely alive. She must make the most important choice of her life while he recovers his limb.

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7. The Escort (2015)

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Director- Will Slocombe

As she would have you think, Natalie is a young woman who is content in her current role as a call girl. Writer Mitch is hooked to sex, and he feels even more alone because of his seclusion. These two come into contact in a circumstance that is ideal for both of them. As they get to know one another, they start to realise they are not at all who you first thought they were. Maybe, for better or worse, as the case may be, Mitch and Natalie are more than they seem.

8. Little Woods (2018)

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Director- Nia DaCosta

An overdeveloped fracking boomtown is Little Woods, North Dakota. Ollie is attempting to make it through the final few days of her probation. After being caught smuggling prescription drugs into Canada. However, once her mother passes away, Deb, her estranged sister, who is going through her own crisis due to an unplanned pregnancy. Also, a deadbeat ex, is forced back into her life. They learn they have one week to pay off their mother’s mortgage or risk foreclosure.

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9. Buffaloed (2019)

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Director- Tanya Wexler

Peg Dahl’s lifelong ambitions have been to attend an Ivy League university and leave her native Buffalo, New York. As soon as Peg learns she has been accepted to the school of her dreams, she realises she won’t be able to pay the tuition. Therefore, she devises a wild plan that gets her arrested. Both Peg and her mother have significant debt after Peg’s release. But Peg takes advantage of the chance to start a new profession in the dubious field of debt collection.

10. The Assistant (2019)

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Director- Kitty Green

Follows a day in the life of Jane, a recent college grad and aspiring producer of motion pictures. She just got the job of her dreams working as a junior assistant to a significant industry mogul. Her day is very similar to that of any other assistant. She makes coffee, refills the copier, orders lunch, plans trips, takes phone messages, and onboards new hires. But as Jane goes about her everyday activities, she and we become more conscious of the abuse that subtly permeates every area of her workday. Jane resolves to speak up in response to this accumulation of degrading practises. Only to learn the full extent of the system she has entered.