Whatever happens in the future, HBO Max still has a strong selection of films in its library, particularly those from the 2010s. The emergence of streaming services over the decade led to an apparent increase in the number of movies released. See a few of the undervalued movies listed here.

1. Kin (2018)

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Director(s)- Josh Baker, Jonathan Baker

Eli Solinski, 14, discovers a weapon-like object while collecting scrap to raise money, and he carries it home. When his widowed father Hal Solinski, an upright hard worker, releases his stepbrother Jimmy Solinski from prison after serving six years. He treats him coldly. Jimmy, who owes the violent Taylor Balik gang US$ 60,000, plans to rob his father’s place of employment in order to satisfy his due.

Hall, however, surprises them, and Taylor kills him while Jimmy also murders Taylor’s adored brother. Eli is lured by the man as he runs with the money. All by saying that their father will catch them later as they head to Tahoe for a vacation. Jimmy and Eli make Milly, a dancer, a friend along the way. They are being sought after by Taylor and his gang, the police. Along with the aliens who want to get their weapon back. But they are unaware of this.

2. Assassination Nation (2018)

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Director- Sam Levinson

Like the rest of the world, high school senior Lily and her three closest friends live in a fog of texts, posts, selfies, and conversations. A hacker starts exposing the private messages and secrets of thousands of people. Their little village is turned upside down. The four girls quickly find themselves engaged in a life-or-death struggle with an armed mob as rage turns into full-blown violence.

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3. Life After Beth (2014)

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Director- Jeff Baena

Beth Slocum’s solo stroll in the woods ends tragically with a lethal snake bite. Her parents and boyfriend Zach are in shock at her passing. Zach tries to befriend Mr. and Mrs. Slocum after the burial. But even they reject him, and he’s eager to find out why. He then notices Beth. Zombified Beth gives Zach the chance to spend time with her in ways that he didn’t get to while she was still alive. Despite the fact that her parents are trying to keep her resurrection a secret. But life with the undead Beth proves to be particularly difficult for her still-living loved ones due to Beth’s increasingly erratic conduct and even stranger events in the community.

4. Barely Lethal (2015)

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Director- Kyle Newman

For Hardman, Megan Walsh has been preparing to become a global assassin. She observes that other teens her age appear to be having a good time and enjoying their life. Even though she is on a mission. While being adopted by a foster family, she leaves a mission in search of a regular life. Hence, enrols in a student exchange programme. She quickly integrates with the high school community and experiences the stresses of living there.

5. Obvious Child (2014)

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Director- Gillian Robespierre

Donna Stern is an aspiring comic. She has no shortage of material for her realistic kind of humour in her day-to-day existence as a woman in her 20s. Donna is shamelessly herself on stage, making jokes about her intimate sex life and vulgar things like her day-old underwear. However, Donna is forced to confront the painful truths of autonomous womanhood for the first time. All when she unintentionally becomes pregnant during a one-night encounter. An unanticipated voyage of self-discovery and empowerment turns out to be the result of Donna’s drunken hookup. It is an astounding failure in preventive judgement.

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6. Colossal (2016)

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Director- Nacho Vigalondo

After being ejected from her apartment by her boyfriend, Gloria, a party girl out of employment, relocates from New York to her hometown. Gloria begins to understand that she is somehow related to this remote phenomenon as soon as news stories about a massive creature devastating Seoul, South Korea, appear. She needs to understand why her small, seemingly insignificant life is having such a huge impact on the course of the planet as things start to go out of hand.

7. Laggies (2014)

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Director-  Lynn Shelton

Megan is getting close to 30 and has a decent degree and a boyfriend. She understandably feels bewildered when they get engaged at her friend’s wedding. Also everyone appears to think that the best way to grow in her job is to attend a seminar where you learn what animal you are. Megan is attracted into the simpler life of 16-year-old Annika after seeing kids who beg her to buy them beer. She ends up relocating in with Annika and her single father. While juggling two romantic interests, living both a teen and an adult life, and feeling like she is falling behind.

8. How To Talk To Girls At Parties (2017)

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Director- John Cameron Mitchell

Enn, John, and Vic, three boisterous friends, accidentally stumble across what appears to be a weird house party that is jam-packed with individuals wearing latex while travelling to a noisy punk concert in the 1970s in the mundane London neighbourhood of Croydon. Enn will fall madly in love with Zan, the mysterious and disobedient teenage girl, as the boys gradually learn that this strange gathering is truly a commune of extraterrestrial visitors. In order to expand Enn’s horizons and learn everything there is to know about “the Punk,” the two of them will go on a brief but wild field trip over the course of the next 48 hours.

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9. Enemy (2013)

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Director- Denis Villeneuve

Adam Bell teaches history at a college in the Toronto area. He has a gloomy demeanour, largely as a result of the fact that he is mired in a pattern that involves his relationship with Mary, his live-in girlfriend. Adam notices a similar-looking actor in a small role while viewing a rented film. He becomes fixated with learning more about his double. He discovers that the actor, whose real name is Anthony Claire, goes by the stage name Daniel Saint Claire. In addition to being married to Helen, who is currently many months pregnant, Claire is a Toronto-based actor with a limited number of on-screen credits.

When Adam first sees Claire, he realises that except from facial hair and a scar, they are precisely alike. However, Claire comes across as being more “put together” than Adam. This causes Adam to become fixated with meeting her. Their lives become entwined as Claire, in his own peculiar manner, develops an obsession with Adam.

10. Belle (2013)

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Director- Amma Asante

Dido Elizabeth Belle, an illegitimate biracial child of Royal Navy Captain Sir John Lindsay, served as the model for this fictionalised account of her life. Belle was raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield, and his wife. Although she has some benefits as a result of her heritage, Belle isn’t entirely able to partake in the customs associated with her social position due to the hue of her skin. Belle, who is left to worry if she would ever find love, falls for a young vicar’s son who is idealistic and committed to change. With her assistance, he modifies Lord Mansfield’s role as Lord Chief Justice to abolish slavery in England.