Although there aren’t many fantasy movies on Netflix, there are a few delightful and unique jewels. Many, like the amazing Closet Monster, blend the extraordinary with everyday struggles. Or jump right into high fantasy with The Golden Compass, which is based on the renowned novels by Philip Pullman.

1. Nightbooks (2021)

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Director- David Yarovesky

Alex, a small boy, is taken hostage by a witch. He persuades her to listen to a terrifying narrative from him each night in order to save her from impending death. The two must use their cunning to leave Yazmin’s residence, a mystical maze full of numerous perils, after encountering the witch’s servant, in order to avoid the witch killing them both.

2. Closet Monster (2015)

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Director- Stephen Dunn

Oscar Madly, age 8, suffered trauma. Oscar saw a gay hate crime at school that left the victim bloodied and disabled for life at the same time that his mother left their family. A decade passes. Oscar, who has made friends with his talking hamster Buffy, aspires to enrol in a school for special effects makeup and has discovered his vengeful father’s anti-social, immature flaws. Sexual feelings start to emerge when Oscar runs his coworker Wilder in the hardware shop, but they are accompanied by excruciating stomach aches. Oscar’s problems, sometimes expressed in strange words, come to a climax at Wilder’s farewell costume party.

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3. The Old Guard (2020)

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Director- Gina Prince-Bythewood

A clandestine band of close-knit mercenaries with a mystifying inability to die have fought to defend the mortal world for ages, led by a warrior named Andy. It’s up to Andy and Nile, the newest recruit to the team, to assist the group in removing the threat posed by those who aim to copy and profit from their power by any means when the squad is called upon to undertake an emergency operation and their amazing talents are suddenly exposed.

4. Pan (2015)

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Director- Joe Wright

Peter, a 12-year-old living in a depressing orphanage in London, is suddenly transported to the fantastic realm of Neverland. James Hook, a new acquaintance, and the warrior Tiger Lily will lead him on an adventure. To defend Neverland against the vicious pirate Blackbeard, they must work together. The mischievous and rebellious youngster finds his true calling along the journey and fulfils it by becoming Peter Pan, a legendary hero.

5. Errementari (2017)

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Director- Paul Urkijo

A traditional folktale about a blacksmith who finds himself at odds with the Devil is retold in “The Blacksmith and the Devil”. In this tale, the blacksmith has kidnapped a demon and keeps it hidden from the townspeople’s inquisitive eyes, leading a hermit-like existence in seclusion. All is well until Usue, a helpless young girl, stumbles upon the devil by accident and unintentionally frees him. The Blacksmith is then left to collect his reward, but he discovers that it is difficult because a lynch mob has come looking for the missing Usue, making it even more difficult.

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6. A Monster Calls (2016)

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Director- J. A. Bayona

Conor O’Malley, a young man who is struggling, frequently experiences nightmares. Since his cherished mother Lizzie is dying. Therefore, he may have to move in with his severe grandma Mrs. Clayton. America is the country where his estranged father resides. In the classroom, Harry taunts him. At 12:07 in the morning one night, Conor receives a visit from a tree-like Monster who offers to share three true tales with him in exchange for the youngster sharing his own tale of the events that led to his terrifying nightmare.

7. The Sea Beast (2022)

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Director- Chris Williams

When frightening creatures prowled the waters, monster hunters were revered as heroes. Henceforth, none was more adored than the great Jacob Holland. However, he finds himself with an unexpected ally when young Maisie Brumble sneaks aboard his legendary ship. They set off on an incredible voyage into new territory together and change the course of history.

8. Big Fish (2003)

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Director- Tim Burton

William Bloom, Edward Bloom’s son, makes the trip to be with his sick father. William and Edward don’t get along very well as William believes that his father has never actually shared the truth about his life. Although, he has constantly told overblown stories about it. Edward tells amazing stories even on his deathbed. William, a journalist, begins to look into his father’s stories and learns more about him and his love of creating stories.

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9. The Golden Compass (2007)

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Director- Chris Weitz

In the parallel universe where Lyra Belacqua dwells, daemons are the lifelong animal companions of human souls. In the girl’s world, evil forces are at work, and creatures known as Gobblers are responsible for the abduction of several children. After learning that Roger has also vanished, Lyra makes a promise to save him. She embarks on an epic journey to rescue Roger and save her world with the help of her daemon, a tribe of mariners, a witch, an ice bear, and a Texas airman.

10. Dark Shadows (2012)

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Director- Tim Burton

Barnabas Collins is an 18th-century aristocrat and shameless philanderer. He is found buried alive in Collinsport’s frigid earth after rejecting the love of the wrong woman, although, the covert however, a strong witch, Angelique Bouchard. Barnabas is accidently buried in 1972, some two hundred years after he was cursed to roam the world as an eternal vampire. He finds that Angie, the merciless witch he was cursed to serve, hence, is still as youthful as ever. Despite the once-enviable state of his sumptuous estate.