It has been so long since we last saw an excellent romantic comedy movie from Bollywood. After failed ventures like Jug Jug Jeeyo and Ante Sundaraniki in 2022, Bollywood needed a good recovery. And my god, Tu Jhooti Main Makkar is the perfect movie for that. Going into the movie, there was real hype around it. Be it because of the zappy songs, a good trailer, or the lead cast members. But alongside excitement, there was a natural feeling of concern for the genre. A genre that has been considered dead in India for a while now. The audience might have entered the theater with the same concerns but left it smiling after a fun time. Tu Jhooti Main Makkar review is here:

Tu Jhooti Main Makkar Review
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Tu Jhooti Main Makkar Review: Plot

The story features Mickey and Tinni, who fall for each other when they meet for the bachelorette of their friend. The situation gets out of control when their family gets involved.

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Mickey is a breakup consultant on the side, leading to the ego clash between the lead pairs. The whole story moves forward from there and makes the movie’s primary storyline.

Tu Jhooti Main Makkar Review: Positives

Music Album

The music album of a romantic comedy used to be its main USP. A Mass masala movie without a good music album used to feel so empty. And for the past 2-3 years, we were missing that. Either the songs used to be harmful or merely served promotional purposes and did not serve the screenplay at all.

Tu Jhooti Main Makkar shined in that department. Every song was not only a banger but served the screenplay as well. And when you think all the movie offered was zappy dance numbers, Pritam hit you with his ‘O Bedardiya.’ Another surprise for moviegoers will be the song ‘Mane Pee Rakhi Hai,’ which is the best song of this movie.

Emotional Weight

It is a refreshing Luv Ranjan project. Not only was it funny, but it was emotional as well. The second half, especially once the family gets involved, becomes much more nuanced and filled with emotions.

It was mature storytelling compared to other Luv Ranjan movies where women were always wrong. You will be bewildered by how amazing this movie deals with the emotional scenes.

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Supporting Cast

Another thing that worked for the movie was the supporting cast members. Dimple Kapadia might have looked off at the start but slowly and steadily got back on track. The characters of Dadi and Niece were terrific, and I should have known the name of both artists.

Bassi did a fantastic job making me wonder why he must have many future projects lined up. The real surprise was Biney Kapoor, who stole the show with his laid-back attitude.

Lead Cast Chemistry

Shraddha Kapoor did a decent job with the role she was given. As much as I doubt her, she did a fantastic job here and was solid throughout. But, undoubtedly, the real star of the movie was Ranbeer Kapoor.

He might have stated that this is his last movie in the genre as he will look to do more mature roles now as per his age. But I did not see any rust on him. He can do these roles for a long time, and I won’t bat an eye.


Tu Jhooti Main Makkar is a good-looking movie. It is not shiny; unlike other movies we have seen recently, it genuinely looked good. Some shots were works of art indeed, and you will be mesmerized.

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Tu Jhooti Main Makkar Review: Negatives


This aspect of the movie was intentional. But at the same time, it will bother you for a while. Until you get used to the loud pitch of the movie? And trust me, and You will get used to it very fast.

Long Rants

Take Kartik Aryan’s long rant and multiply it by 10; that was the number of long rants this movie had. And after a particular moment, you started to get annoyed by it. Rabeer Kapoor had almost 6-7 long rants in the movie.

It was just a formula of taking something good and making it bad and boring and annoying.


On the surface, the whole logic behind the lead cast members was flawed. But you can be either pragmatic about it or let it go and enjoy the movie. In my case, I did the latter and enjoyed the movie.

Tu Jhooti Main Makkar Review: Is It Worth It?

It is not a perfect movie in any sense. There are flaws, and they will annoy you sometimes. But in the end, it is about having a good time. And after so long, we have got a movie in the Rom-Com genre that promises a good time.

So, put down your thinking cap and go and watch the movie. You are bound to have a good time, which is all that matters.