I thought we were over the scenario of movies getting delayed. But it looks like we are still not over it. After being delayed for more than a year, both of Tom Cruise’s big projects are getting delayed further. The particular reason has not been revealed yet, but we are pretty sure it is due to the pandemic. America’s situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic is improving, but other countries are still facing problems. And that will affect the business of the movies.

It means that we won’t get any Paramount release this year and that is just sad. Even though the COVID-19 situation has been stable for quite a time now, the effects are still there. Productions of so many movies were affected and we can see that here.

Top Gun: Maverick Release Date

Top Gun: Maverick was supposed to release on the Fourth of July in 202, but got delayed to November 19, 2021. And now the release date is supposed to be 30 May 2022. So, Top Gun 2 will release on Memorial Day of 2022. This means Top Gun’s sequel will open three years after it was initially planned to release. It is a significant delay and the new release date has replaced the delayed release date of Mission Impossible 7.

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Mission impossible 7 shooting

We will see Tom Cruise returns as Maverick in Top Gun 2. Other casts include Jennifer Connelly as Penny Benjamin, Val Kilmer as Iceman, Miles Teller as Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw, and Jean Louisa Kelly as Carole Bradshaw. You can read the whole cast at IMDB or Paramount’s official website.

Joseph Kosinski is directing the movie. Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer, and Christopher McQuarrie are writing the screenplay while Justin Marks is in charge of the story. Emily Cheung, Tom Cruise, and Jerry Bruckheimer are producing this series.

Mission Impossible 7 Release Date

Mission Impossible 7 was supposed to release on November 17, 2021. But it got delayed to May 27, 2022, because of production reasons only. Another minor delay took place after that and the movie was supposed to release on Memorial Day of 2022, I.E. May 30, 2022. But that slot has been taken by Top Gun 2 now and Mission Impossible 7 will release on September 30, 2022.

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Tom cruise standing

The shooting of Mission Impossible 7 is in full force now. As the director and cast members themselves as been sharing lots of behind-the-scenes pictures. As of now, nothing has been revealed regarding the plot of the movie.

We know that Ethan and his crew will go on another hunt/adventure to save the world from a new unknown threat. And this will not be the last part of the Mission Impossible franchise. Christopher McQuarrie has his own vision for the character of Ethan.

What Does This Mean?

Memorial Day has always been a summer blockbuster spot for Hollywood movies. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States to honor and mourn the U.S. military personnel who have died in the course of carrying out their duties. So, it was given why Paramount chose this spot for Top Gun instead of Mission Impossible 7.

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Both of the projects are really big and are guaranteed to be superhit once they hit the theaters. So, once again, it is obvious why Paramount doesn’t want to rush into anything. They want to release both movies with full capacity in theaters and I don’t blame them.

I just want the movies to come out without any delays now. The wait has already been very long and it is just getting longer. Top Gun: Maverick is already one of the most awaited movies of the year. The whole staff of the movie knows that and are trying their best to release the movie as soon as possible. I am glad that we will be able to see the movie on the big screen.