Hollywood has always followed the safe side of not making R Rated films in order to have a box-office hit. However, over the years, these films have managed to make countless exceptions to demonstrate that R Rated works at the box office.

Following are the biggest R-Rated films

1. Joker

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Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian, finds himself alone therefore seeks connection in the streets of Gotham City. Working as a clown in different places, Arthur earns for his ailing mother. Isolated and disregarded by the society makes Fleck descent into madness when he transforms himself into mastermind criminal known as the Joker.

Joker is an astonishing masterpiece by Todd Philips. The film portrays the domain image of the society that hareasses and bullies Fleck which changes him into brutal and violent character of Joker. The MPAA rated Joker as R rated for strong violence, disturbing images and language.

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2. Deadpool 2

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Mercenary Deapool protects an angry teenage mutant, Russell from the authorities. Soon he calls for joining forces with other powerful mutants, Domino, Bedlam and Shatterstar, when he realises that he would need more power to fight with the powerful enemy, Cable.

Deadpool 2 has proved to be one of the most worthy sequel of Hollywood. The sequel takes the meta world created by the original Deadpool and builds upon it. It finds a new way of telling the old jokes and it’s a most successful part. The film got itself an R rating due to extremely graphic violence, torture, decapitation and abuse.

3. Fifty Shades Of Grey

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The life of Anastasia Steel, a college senior, takes a strange turn when she steps in for her sick roommate to interview renouned businessman, Christan Grey for their campus paper. Both finds themselves drawn to each other. Sexually inexperienced Ana dive into an affair with Christain and reveals his sexual proclivities pushes boundaries of pain and pleasure.

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As the title suggests, Fifty Shades Of Grey is about facets of personalities of Christain Grey. His personality changes from being a gentleman one minute to getting into S&M into second. The film speaks to the fact of the dominant model of mainstream pornography and ideas of sex targeted at men. The film was rated R by MPAA for showing strong sexual content which also included dialogues, graphic nudity and unusual behaviour.

4. Saving Private Ryan

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In order to find Private James Ryan, Captain John Miller takes his men behind the enemy lines. John finds out that Ryan’s three brothers were already killed in combat. In the journey surrounded by brutal realities of war, each man undertakes their own personal journey and find their strength to fight in the near future.

Saving Private Ryan tells about the brutality and complexity of war.Director, Steven Speilbery spares the viewer nothing of the horrors of battle, using every tactic at his disposal to show the chaos of the engagement. The MPAA explains the reasons behind rating the film R, as it shows intense prolonged realistically graphic sequences of war violence and strong language.

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5. The Wolf Of The Wall Street

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Jordan Belfort takes an entry-level job in the year 1987 at a Wall Street brokerage firm. Soon in 1990s, at a young age, Bellfort owns his own firm called Stratton Oakmont. Belfort makes huge millions by defrauding wealthy investors with this team of trusted band of brokers. Nonetheless, while Jordan and his men finds themselves indulge in life of sex, drugs and parties. On the other hand, the FBI ends their empire.

The Wolf Of Wall Street is a real story of scheming of Jordan Belfort to become rags-to-riches which made him player of the Wall Street. Martin Schorsese’s film is shameless, exciting but exhausting. It is disgusting but illumination which has made million of people its fan. The MPAA rated the film R for its strong sexual content, graphic nudity, sex and use of drugs and strong language.