Top 5 TV shows on Netflix March 21: The Ultimate Watchlist: Choosing anything to watch on Netflix is a hard task. I mean, you have so many options, you are bound to get confused. And over that, Netflix adds one new show almost every day. Be it Netflix original or not. Which makes it far more hectic to choose what to watch. Now that OTT platforms are far more superior than ever and second lockdown just breathing on our necks, we need OTT platforms like Netflix. Be it for entertainment, or for leaving reality for a while, or anything. We have compiled a list for you with the Best Netflix TV shows online that you can watch right now. So, you don’t have to go through the troublesome task of selecting what to watch.

These shows can be new releases or old ones that are really good. But every show on this list will have one common thing. These are some of the Top 5 TV shows on Netflix online that you can binge at any time you want. These are funny, witty, emotional, and will keep you engaged throughout. If you want to get into web series scenes, these will be perfect for that too. So, you don’t have to waste time scrolling through hundreds of shows to find a perfect show for you. Just start with one of these shows, and if you like it, binge every other show on the list. So buckle up, these are the best Netflix series March 21.

Top 5 TV shows on Netflix

Sex Education

This show is very very close to my heart. The emotional drive and character development in this show is something else entirely. The first season is really funny and witty and the second season is an emotional overdrive. You will cry as much as you will laugh. It’s a perfect balance of the show as everything should be. Even the casting is absolutely perfect. In my opinion, it is one of the perfectly written series all around. The mixture of comedy with serious elements makes the perfect balance that is very rare in recent shows. Another thing that works for the show is the chemistry between all three lead actors. They absolutely carried the show on their back.

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I am including this here because the third season is right around the corner. It was supposed to release this month only but has been delayed due to Coronavirus Pandemic. The release date is still yet not announced, but it will release sooner than later. So, watch the first two seasons and then wait for the third one, just like the rest of us. But seriously, this is not only one of the Top 5 TV shows on Netflix but one of the Top 5 TV shows on Netflix.

The Queen’s Gambit

I started this show without any high expectations for it. But this show surprised me completely. Obviously, I haven’t read the book and I am grateful for that. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I am into chess a little bit and that’s why I was excited about how well they portray this game. They did it beautifully. It is one of the only shows that features a prodigy/genius as a smart character. Rather than dumb in all the other things excluding chess. Another thing was the relativity of sub-plots in the show. Rather than distracting from the main story, they served the main story. And this is what real women empowerment looks like. Instead of fighting against 100s of dudes alone. This was one of the very few instances where I found women empowerment not forced.

If you have any interest in chess, watch this show. If you have no interest in chess, please watch this show. The Queen’s Gambit is much more than a basic chess show that will bore you to death. It is an experience that will keep you hooked from the first episode to the absolute last. After its release, I haven’t watched a better show than this. Anna-Taylor Joy is an absolute goddess and she demands you to watch this show, NOW!!

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Better Call Saul

I started this show because of Breaking Bad, but I am so glad I started this show. It is one of the Top 5 TV shows on Netflix. And I am so glad Netflix was able to acquire it. Sometimes, the drama even beats Breaking Bad and that is saying something. Now, I don’t want to compare these two shows, because they are entirely different from each other. Better Call Saul is a character-focused drama masterclass and there is nothing else you want from it. Saul was a comedic relief character in Breaking Bad, but the way they have turned him into one of the most intense anti-heroes is so beautiful. It even features some of the Breaking Bad characters like Tuco Salamanca, Gus, Mike, and many more.

Another thing that works out for this show is its comedy scenes. The comedy in this show is pure gold and serves as a good pace-changer. It will take the first few episodes for you to get used to it, but after that, it is a ride that you will never forget. It is the absolute best Netflix series March 21 and that is undisputed. So, do yourselves a favor and go watch it. I will be here only, waiting for my Thank-you messages.

Cobra Kai

The third season came out earlier this year and MY GOD, it was absolutely best. After a dodgy second season, they were able to get their act back together and made a good comeback. This show was an absolute treat to the original Karate Kid fans. It featured the same vibes and had a much-needed touch of Nostalgia. The third season was solely focused on that only, but I am not complaining. All three seasons are different from each other. The first season only serves up as a foothold for the upcoming season. The second season was completely action-packed and was really fast. Whereas the third season was just a huge wave of nostalgia with lots and lots of flashback scenes from the original trilogy.

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If you are a Karate Kid fan, this is an absolute treat for you. If you are not then also it is an absolute treat. The premise of the show is self-explanatory and doesn’t solely depend on the movie. You can watch this show without worrying about the movies in any way. After all, it is one of the Best Netflix tv shows online.

The Arrow

I know it is a CW show, but it is on Netflix and I am still not over the ending. The Arrow was my first show, so it holds a special place in my heart. And to think that, it has ended after 8-long years, to accept that fact is really hard. Except for the fourth season, every season is wonderful. The second season of The Arrow is definitely the best single-season of a Comic Book based show ever. Unlike other Superhero shows it is not solely dependent on action. It is more of a character-based show that also allows other CW shows to make the debut. The character development of every single character is top-notch and not a single character feels like a drag or forced.

As I said earlier, except for the fourth season, you will enjoy every other season of this show. It is entertaining, action-packed, emotional, gritty, and even funny at times. It might be a perfect watch for a long binging session.

So, this was our list of the Best Netflix series March 21. Keep following Reelsrated, because we are going to update it regularly and you won’t miss any update.