“Once you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.”

Bong Joon-ho

As Cinephiles, We all have an undying fealty and love for our precious craft. When it comes to reach beyond our borders we can see a vast cosmos of films waiting to be seen. One such constellation in the cosmos is Korean Cinema. Korean cinema has inspired millions of Filmmakers all over the world. With a list of directors who have earned accolades like 4 Oscars in a row, Here is a list of 5 films that are enough to give you a mind boggling kick that might just launch you into the deep cosmos. Whether you love action or psychological drama, Here is a list that you will love with all your wits.


Director – Park Chan-wook

Streaming Platform – YouTube

Runtime – 1h 58 min

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A drunkard and a cheapskate Dae-su is abducted from the street after being bailed yet again by an old friend. He is kept in the cell for 15 years, isolated and humiliated. The reason of the capture seems very unclear and ambiguous. Then one day out of the blue he is released and given rich food and clothing and an opportunity to track down his jailor. He embarks upon a denouement that takes the story out of this world.


Director – Bong Joon-ho

Streaming Platform – Amazon Prime Video

Runtime – 2h 12 Min.

The most iconic film at the Oscars 2019, The film which led the Academy to break all the rules. The International film that won Best Film, Best International Feature Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay. Parasite is hard to fit in 1 genre with talent just dripping out of each moment of it. A poor family cunningly make their way up as workers under a rich family . Things take an unexpected turn when they discover that there is one ‘Parasite’ that lives amongst the family.

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Memories Of Murder (2003)

Director – Bong Joon-ho

Streaming Platform – Netflix

Runtime – 2h 12mins.

Again a genre bending master piece from Joon- Ho. The psychological drama Memories of Murder easily slides into the genre of dark comedy and social satire. It involves a story of 2 detectives devoid of modern technology, trying to find a serial killer. After the murders of multiple victims of which all are females, things start getting on their nerves. The detectives find themselves torturing potential targets in order to find the killer but in vain but then the killer strikes once more.

I am a Cyborg but that’s OK (2006)

Director – Director – Park Chan-wook

Streaming Platform – Rental

Runtime – 1h 45 min.

Illusion is a product of man’s mind but the mind is a product of a bigger illusion. Chan wook creates a comedy that extends it’s inquisitiveness to much more than a Rom-Com. After her grandmother is put in a sanitorium. Goon begins to visualize herself as a cyborg. Things get serious as she stops eating and tries to commit suicide. She is also institutionalized but there she meets Il. He is a thief who specializes in stealing ‘skills’. Il makes his goal to help Goon achieve the will to live.

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3- Iron

Director –  Kim Ki-duk

Streaming Platform – YouTube

Runtime – 1h 28min.

By Far one of the most interesting Korean films that I went across. The plot of 3-Iron speaks for itself. A lonely drifter spends his nights in people’s empty vacation homes. However, he does not simply spend the night. He offers his gratitude to the houses by carrying out small tasks like cleaning or putting things in their places. The surprise comes when the drifter deems a house empty only to find an abused wife inside. The curb for each other’s loneliness is a stunning marvel to watch. With  Kim Ki-duk‘s masterful direction, this might just be a one of a kind film.