Top 5 horror movies on Netflix March 21: The horror genre has evolved so much during its journey. Nowadays, horror doesn’t depend merely on jump scares only. Most of the creators depend on psychological horror that truly haunts us rather than scaring us. A horror movie is an adventure. Truly good horror movies will leave a lasting impression on you, that will scare you from leaving your bed at midnight. Classics like The Grudge and Conjuring will always shine well above the rest in this genre. But there have been so many new movies in this particular genre that you can enjoy anytime.

But the real question is how to find which are the Best horror movies on Netflix that you can watch. After all, Netflix has a large library that has almost a thousand movies in every genre. It gets really hard to choose. That is why we are here for you. We have prepared a list for you of the Best horror movies on Netflix that you can watch right now. These movies will scare you, torment you,s and most of all, will haunt you even after the movie has ended. We have restricted ourselves from including really classic horror movies like The Conjuring or Hereditary because everyone knows about it. Rather than that, we are including five horror movies that aren’t that famous in their genre but are absolute gems. So buckle up, because this ride is going to be really spooky.

Top 5 horror movies on Netflix
Shutter Island

Well, look at me, completely ignoring my own point on not including a famous movie right on the first pick. But common, you haven’t watched this movie as a horror movie. Have you? Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island is downright spooky and will torment your mind completely. The best thing about Shutter Island is that it will grow on you. You will like it more and more with every watch. The more you watch it, the more you will love it. In this whole movie, there was not a single point where the tension wasn’t sky-high. And the ominous music in the background made it much more spooky and sometimes downright scary.

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It is not your typical horror movie with lots of jump scares and scary scenes. It is a psychological thriller that is Scorsese’s specialty. The whole premise of the movie structured in a psychiatric facility just adds to the horror. And over that Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo Di Caprio looked scared in the whole movie, just like me. This movie will make you feel like you are in a circle of paranoia and can never get out of it. I watched it two days ago and can say that with every watch it gets more and more interesting.

13 Sins

It was a random movie that I watched when I was in the mood for horror. 13 Sins came when I was really deep in Netflix selection and it surprised me. It is a remake of a Thai Horror/comedy, but honestly, I don’t know where the comedy went. I was just completely scared and didn’t even have the courage to go for a bathroom break. You might have figured out that it is not like it’s Thai original. It is an astonishing great movie with so many clever twists. And some of the horror scenes in this movie are really memorable that you will remember throughout. The fact that I have to include this movie as a hidden gem must be a crime.

The real treat was the escalation in the movie. Rather than moving the first 30-minutes in a baseless circle, it gets right to the business. It will scare you, haunt you, and most important of all will surprise you. I didn’t expect the ending we got in any way, but when it happened, it made so much sense. I really advise you to watch this one, it is one of the Top 5 horror movies on Netflix that you should watch.

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I just added this movie because of how beautifully it was shot. You should watch this movie, it is not a masterpiece like Hereditary or The Witch, but you will be surprised by it. I was really skeptical when I saw that it has a kid as a lead. It was like Stranger Things all over. But Charlie Shotwell really shut me up with his performance. He was really convincing and handled the role as maturely as it was needed. You might find the first two acts really slow, but the third act completely makes up for it. It was the perfect mixture of goofy and scary at the same time.

The best thing about this is that the answer is right in front of us the whole time, but if you are not looking you will miss it. There are so many hints as to what is the answer but again, you have to watch for it. The movie will entertain you for sure. It will be a good use of your two hours and won’t regret it in any way. Not from his parents like we have seen in so many other movies. If only some of the lazy parts it would have been so much better.


I am a sucker for Comic book movies and this is one of the best I have gotten in a while. It gave me a lifelong answer of what will happen if an ultimate superhero turns bad. You know, someone like Superman. The base is the same. A kid from another planet crashes on Earth and can be treated like a god here. But unlike Superman, he got terrified and joins the dark side. I mean it barely scratches the concept of Bad Superman, but I am over the moon they did that. They are completely wrong. It is one of the most badass things I have ever seen.

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This movie is spooky, gore, and sometimes downright scary. Because I was. The only problem I had with the movie was that it adopted everything from Superman as it is. I wanted at least a little bit of diversity. But all in all, it is one of the Top 5 horror movies on Netflix.

Gerald’s Game

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I don’t know what you are doing. This is one of those movies that will make you claustrophobic and extremely uncomfortable. If you really want to watch something scary and haunting, this is the best movie for you. It won’t just scare you, it will shake you from inside. It has such a basic concept, but the execution is proper gold. There are very few gore movies that will make you gag as much as this movie. Hands down it is one of the Top 5 horror movies on Netflix. If you are going to watch it and I am suggesting that you should definitely watch it. Get ready for some gore scenes that will shake you right from inside.

It is a proper disgusting movie to watch and I am glad that we have choices like this. Do I want my every Top 5 horror movies on Netflix to be like this? No. But am I happy that a special attraction like Gerald’s Game can still exist in an industry where every single movie feels the same? ABSOLUTELY!!

This was our list of Best movies on Netflix right now. Keep following Reelsrated for more lists like these. We will update it constantly.