In the fascinating domain of the body, there are many sorts of partnerships, from brutally vulgar to sublimely sensuous. These iconic films are include scenarios that will test your most vivid dreams. As we take a road to our wild side today. Here is a list of 5 Erotic Films for Women, that could stir up the waves in your goosebumps.

Lolita (1997)

Director : Adrian Lyne

Humbert Humbert, a college professor, comes in postwar New England the summer before starting a new job. The intended lodgings become unavailable therefore, he is forced to stay with Charlotte Haze, a friend of a friend. She’s a bit of a diva, and her home is a little more laid-back than he like. When Charlotte presents her 14-year-old daughter, Dolores, he is about to turn around and go. Humbert is fascinated by the unintentionally provocative Lo. As her mother refers to her, and thus starts his fall into infatuation.

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The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

Director : Peter Strickland

The film follows Cynthia (Borgen‘s Sidse Babett Knudsen) and her servant Evelyn (Berberian Sound Studio‘s Chiara D’Anna), a butterfly collector. The pair wrestles with their dreams in a soft-focus rural area free of males, including the acquisition of a “human toilet.” Strickland’s picture, set to an original music by Faris Badwan and Rachel Zeffira’s Cat’s Eyes, gives equal weight to sensual and emotional aspects of desire.

Exotica (1994)

Director : Atom Egoyan

Francis, a severely unhappy tax inspector, pays regular visits to Christina, a young dancer with whom he establishes an oddly symbiotic connection, at the eponymous strip club. Eric, the house DJ, swirls about them, jealously protective of Christina. Thomas (Don McKellar), a smuggler of rare bird eggs whose operations Francis is investigating, and Zoe, the club’s owner, who is pregnant by Eric. All of them shared a history of trauma and sorrow, the depths of which are progressively revealed.

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The Secretary (2002)

Director : Steve Shainberg

A young woman with a history of serious emotional difficulties is released into the care of her overweight parents after a stint in the mental hospital. She gets a job as a secretary for E. Edward Grey (James Spader), a strict and demanding attorney, and begins dating Peter, who is nice but boring (Jeremy Davies). Lee, on the other hand, quickly discovers that Grey’s harsh approach turns her on, and they begin a sadomasochistic relationship.

Kill Me Softly (2002)

Director : Chen Kaige

Killing Me Softly is the funniest film on the list thus far, although it is hardly a comedy. It’s an erotic thriller featuring S&M sex scenes, a terrible writing (‘I could break your neck, I love you so much’), snarky love sequences, wooden performers, and ridiculous narrative twists. Anyone who pays to see it in error will have a hard time keeping their tears of joy from falling.

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