Well, we just made the list of Best Indian Movies of 2022, so we are bound to make this one as well, right? This list was a lot harder than the best movies list.

2022 has been a very dodgy year in terms of Indian cinema, especially Bollywood. There have been so many gems this year, but the bad movies were just wrong. These ten movies were so bad that you might start questioning your existence while watching these movies.

They are so bad that they will completely boggle your mind about what the creators were thinking. Here are the Top 10 Worst Indian Movies Of 2022:


On the one hand, we have actors like Mammootty, who has been doing so many new roles and is experimenting with his roles. While Mohanlal, who is a very good actor, is still stuck in his early days and old storylines.

It was a tough year to be Mohanlal’s fan, as you will only know later in this article. Aaraattu was just a lousy movie that still stuck in 2005 with all those tropes. The creators did not even try to connect with the audience at any scale and made one of the most forgettable movies of the year.

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Worst Indian Movies Of 2022


You know the movie is terrible when stars like Ramcharan and Chiranjeevi can’t attract an audience to the halls. Fans downright rejected this movie and clearly indicated that mediocrity won’t be entertained anymore.

Acharya was a failure on every level. Terrible music, lousy action scenes, and a script that has been done unlimited times.

Worst Indian Movies Of 2022

Radhe Shyam

Radhe Shyam was made on a budget of 300 crores. The creators forgot to identify that the core emotion of a love story was clearly missing from this one, and in the end, it just became a cheesy cringe-fest.

In 2022 only, Sita Ramam showed everyone that you don’t need 300 crores to make a love story that will connect with everyone. Radhe Shyam was a mess and was deprived of any emotion, which was the only thing needed to make this movie.

Worst Indian Movies Of 2022
Radhe Shyam


I don’t know how the creators make these kinds of movies. Nikamma was a remake of already a very mediocre Telugu movie called Middle-Class Abbayi. Nikamma somehow made a bad script even worse.

It was sad to see Abhimanyu Dassani in such a vocal mess after a very remarkable debut. Shirley Setia was wholly lost, and Shilpa Shetty was just used as eye candy for most of the movie.

Worst Indian Movies Of 2022


This movie was a flop, even in Kerala. Mohanlal is celebrated in Kerala, and he was the lead actor here. And when even he can’t attract the audience in the halls, you know the movie is utterly terrible.

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The terrible portrayals of the Punjabi and LGBTQ community will leave you facepalming. There is a sound of dhol every time Mohanlal is on the screen as Punjabi. And the last twist is just sinister.

Heropanti 2

Well, it was just as the trailer promised us. A complete and utter shitshow that no one can save. We don’t need to go into details about Heropanti 2 now, do we? Tara Sutaria’s loud acting took women ten years back in commercial cinema, and she was supposed to be the promising one from SOTY2.

The only question regarding this movie is why AR Rehman chose to produce music for this horror show. All the copied sequences showed how much the creators put their minds into the movie’s originality.


Well, we have re-united the star cast of SOTY2, and they are still as terrible. Vijay Deverakonda’s body transformation was good, but you can’t make a movie only on that basis.

There is no chemistry between the lead actors and no storyline in the movie; the songs are just terrible. But there is Mike Tyson in this movie, a role that he himself doesn’t even remember.

Mister Mummy

Perhaps the most disappointing entry on this list is Mister Mummy. I was genuinely excited when I saw the trailer of this movie. What could have been a very sweet coming-of-age movie was a disaster.

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Mister Mummy felt like a YouTube clip rather than a movie. The cute duo of Ritesh and Genelia could not save this one even a single bit. It is neither a slapstick comedy, a social comedy, or even a cute romantic comedy; it is just there.


Just when I thought Qala had treated all my traumas by Bollywood this year, out came Cirkus and made my life hell again. Cirkus was just abysmal and can’t even be put into the category of so bad that it’s good; it is just wrong.

Cirkus wastes all the fantastic comedy actors and leaves you with a headache. It should be an eye-opener for both Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty.

The Legend

I am not going to comment on this movie. Just know that this movie is so bad that no OTT platform has picked this movie. Or are we just mortals who can’t understand this flick’s greatness?

Luckily, there were only a few films that I would describe as “disappointing” in terms of the technical aspects. However, most of the films had pretty poor acting and writing that made it hard to finish watching them. The one saving grace was that most of them managed to create an atmosphere that kept me engaged. These are the top 10 worst Indian movies of 2022, hope you liked the article comment down your pick.