Tom Hanks is one of the most appreciated, loving, and inspired actors in Hollywood. As an actor, producer, writer, director, and the 2-times Oscar winner’s films have made nearly 10billion dollars worldwide. As in the age of 65, the actor is still has a long way to go.

Here are Tom Hank’s 4 most iconic films of all time.

1. Forrest Gump

Courtesy- Google Images – Tom Hanks

Director- Robert Zemeckis

Cast- Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise

Slow-witted Forrest Gump never considers himself as handicapped. Because thanks to his devoted mother, he lives a life that is anything but confined. Forrest inspires people with his childish optimism. Whether he’s dominating the gridiron as a collegiate football player, fighting in Vietnam, or captaining a shrimp boat. But the one person Forrest loves about the most that may be the most difficult to save is Jenny, his boyhood sweetheart.

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2. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Courtesy- Google Images

Director- Marielle Heller

Cast- Tom Hanks, Fred Rogers, Chris Cooper

Lloyd Vogel is an investigative journalist with at task of profiling Fred Rogers, also known as Mr. Rogers. He goes into the interview with skepticism, as he finds it difficult to believe that someone can be that nice. Vogel’s weary outlook on life is rapidly chipped away by Roger’s empathy, generosity, and decency. It keeps prompting the reporter to cope with his own traumatic past.

3. The Da Vinci Code

The DaVinci Code by Tom Hanks
Courtesy- Google Images

Director- Ron Howard

Cast- Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen

The French equivalent of the F.B.I. is led by Captain Bezu Fache, brings famed American religious symbolism specialist, Dr. Robert Langdon, to the Louvre. He quickly realizes that he is the number one suspect in the murder of a historian Langdon which is in the schedule of the meet. Langdon gets the task of deciphering a series of enigmatic codes and puzzles. He is asked to seek the help of Sophie, a French cryptographer, and government agencies. All the while, he’s chasing Fache’s cops through the Louvre, out into the Parisian cityscape, and then across the English Channel.

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4. The Terminal

Courtesy- Google Images

Director- Steven Speilberg

Cast- Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stanley Tucci

Victor Navorksi is a citizen of Krakozhia in Eastern Europe who lands at JFK airport. He gets a denial to enter the United States at Customs as Krakozhia gets overthrown in a coup. The United States does not recognize the new regime or country at this time. In addition, Krakozhia’s borders are also closed. Victor is now stuck in limbo, unable to enter the United States or return to Krakozhia. He is forced to reside in the International Transit part of JFK while waiting for the diplomatic crisis to be resolved, relying on his own resources. Along the journey, he meets some new people.

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