To All the Boys: Always and Forever: What a perfect end to a beautiful series. To All the boys always and Forever is like a love letter to the fans by the makers to the fans. The final part of the To All the Boys series is a beautifully written story to wrap up things. The first two parts were a major hit among fans. Especially the first part. The second part was a little bit dodgy but it did what it had to do.

In the first part of ‘To all the boys’, our main girl Lara accidentally sends a love letter to all his crushes. Peter also gets the letter and gets into a fake relationship with Lara to make his ex jealous. This was a fun little story that ends with both of them being together at the end. The second part saw Lara questioning her feelings for Peter. Her insecurities and confusion about the first love somehow directed her towards exploring her feelings for another boy named John Ambrose. I think the main problem with the second part is that they tried to make it really serious.

Now, the third and final part focused on Lara and Peter trying to work out through a long-distance relationship. The thing that worked about the final part was that it was relatable. The future is predictable but it isn’t fixed. It doesn’t go according to the plan. The realism aspect really raised the stakes of the movie and it hit all the spots it intended to.

To All the Boys Always And Forever

It was a nice little rom-com movie that will entertain you without being extraordinary. This movie also suffered from the franchise-growing hormone that demands every successful movie to have a second part.

I think the main reason this movie felt different was because of the change in director. Micheal Fimognari, who has previously worked in movies like Gerald’s Game, The Haunting of Hill House is directing the movie. It was a different genre from what he usually does but he did a pretty commendable job. Another thing that I liked about this part is that the main actors focused on another thing other than romance for the first time. Lara focuses on her career and that concludes her character development that I really liked. It also focused on the side characters and gave them the importance that made it feel like something serious is happening.

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The official synopsis of the movie read “As Lara Jean Covey prepares for the end of high school and the start of adulthood, a pair of life-changing trips lead her to reimagine what life with her family, friends, and Peter will look like after graduation.”

The movie focused on Lara and Peter and their struggle to make this relationship work even with 1000 miles between them. Lara is on a family vacation with her sisters Maggot and Kitty in Seoul. They use this time to get to their mother’s culture. Lara is hoping to get admitted to the same school as Peter in Stamford. But as I mentioned earlier, the future is predictable but not fixed. Stamford rejects Lara and her dreams of being with Peter come crashing down. This starts with one of the best character development I have seen in a while. Lara goes through her insecurities, her hesitation in the relationship even after all this time, and decides to work it out with Peter.

There were so many sub-plots that I absolutely adored. The side story of Lara’s dad and Trina’s love story have all my heart. The resurrection of Peter’s dad into his life really took the focus from him and focused on Lara heavily. I think this is the reason that her development really affected me. Out of all three To all the boys, this was the most different and unique one.


The cast was the same as of previous two movies. Lana Condor as Lara Jean, Noah Centineo as Peter, Janel Parrish as Margot, Anna Cathcart as Kitty, Ross Butler as Trevor, Madeleine Arthur as Chris, Emilija Baranac as Genevieve, and Trezzo Mahoro as Lucas.

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I was very surprised at how well everyone performed. Especially Lana did an amazing job. She has found her footing as Lara and it was shown in her performance. The way she expressed all her emotions was something else entirely. It was her best performance in all three movies. Noah Cenineo as Peter was also amazing. The way he handled the father-son relationship arc really impressed me. I felt things that he wanted me to feel. And usually, in romantic comedy movies, you don’t get to see that. Other actors also did their part pretty nicely. I was particularly impressed by Anna Catahart as Kitty. Her charm really brought the best out of the movie.


Micheal Fimognari really provided a new visual style in the movie. Because of that To All the Boys: Always and Forever felt fresh and that is always a good thing. Usually, when a change in director happens, the cast and other staff really struggle to make it work, and it was visible in the second part. Micheal also directed the second part and it felt really broken. But, in the final part, Fimognari really brought out the best of both the lead actors and was there to capture all the right emotions at right time. Alongside Lana, he also found his feet and really brought out the best of everyone.

The opening of the Seoul Cupcake shop is one of the best shots of the series and I am not exaggerating it. Fimognari, who usually directs horror movies, really stepped out of his comfort zone and shined this movie bright like a sun. Some of the shots were so remarkable that I can’t describe them in mere words. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I really liked the direction of To all the boys always and forever.


If nothing else, the To all the boys series is a rollercoaster rise, and finding a perfect soundtrack for it is really hard. But Laura Webb and Lindsay Wolfington somehow found a way. Be it selecting Lara and Peter’s signature song or composing music for the whole series, they delivered brilliantly. “Beginning Middle End” might have been the perfect song for our couple. Describing their whole journey in just a few minutes. Joe Wong’s music reminded us every time that it is a romantic movie that we are watching. The soundtrack is inspired by various pop bands like Toploader, Spice Girls, BLACKPINK. There was a little bit of K-Pop too. Overall, the soundtrack of the movie was good with “Beginning Middle End” leading the lineup. I want you all to grab your earphones and play To all the boys always and forever soundtrack and just feel the magic of it.

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Overall, the movie was a win-win in all aspects. It was nicely written, composed, directed finale for a pretty good series. After the second part, the expectations for this movie were really low, but it proved me wrong. This movie was energetic and fun just like the first part. The plot was what you expect from a Teen Romedy. But the problems they dealt with this time were relatable. The writing of Peter’s character really amazed me. It was so well written. All the side characters had their share on screen without being annoying.

The final scene of the movie might tear you up as it was filmed and executed perfectly. The way both actors performed their roles made the last scene 100X better. If you are going to watch it you should just go for it without focusing on critics and their reviews. I think you will really enjoy this one.  This was our To all the boy’s movie review. What did you think about the movie? Let us know down below. For all the Netflix latest Movies reviews and other reviews, keep following our website.

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