The Adam Project has all of the proper ingredients, much like any other good time-travel film. Sci-fi, family adventure, a coming-of-age viewpoint, childish imagination, romance, and a father-son bond are all combined into one entertaining and exciting package. Back to the Future II, which is not just a fan favourite but also a time-travel classic, was the last time we saw something like this. Between Back to the Future and The Adam Project, however, filmmakers have created a slew of imaginative, emotional, and fascinating time travel stories.
Here are some of our personal favourites, which we are confident you will appreciate as well.

1. Looper (2012)

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Director- Rian Johnson

Time travel has not yet been invented in the year 2047. It has, though, thirty years later. Time-travel technology is soon seized by the mob and utilised to cleanly dispose of anyone deemed a threat, despite being immediately prohibited. When the mob wants someone to vanish, they simply send them back to the year 2047, where an assassin known as a “looper” quickly executes the hit and disposes of the body. One of the most well-known Loopers is Joe Simmons. Each slaughter nets him a large sum of money, and he has grand ambitions to retire to France. Then, one day, Joe is patiently waiting for his next target to materialise near the edge of a remote corn field.

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He’s taken aback when he sees his future self. The older Joe attempts a daring escape when the younger Joe hesitates. Joe must now “close the loop” and kill his older counterpart in order to avoid the wrath of his underworld boss. Meanwhile, the discovery that a strong criminal leader from the future has set the underground on fire sends the two Joes on a collision course, with the fate of a devoted mother and her young boy hanging in the balance.

2. 12 Monkeys (1995)

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Director- Terry Gilliam

James Cole, a delusional inmate in a 1990 mental facility, claims to be a time traveller from the distant year 2035, and feels obliged to complete his essential mission: to save the planet from a terrible viral agent capable of annihilating billions. However, when Cole’s psychiatrist, Dr. Kathryn Railly, begins to suspect that there is more to him than meets the eye, a fateful encounter with another inmate—the insane Jeffrey Goines—will set in motion a chain of inexplicable events that will straddle the past and present, sanity and insanity. All signs now lead to the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, a far-right activist group.

3. Midnight In Paris (2011)

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Director- Woody Allen

Gil and Inez accompany her parents on a business trip to Paris as a tag-along holiday. Gil is a successful Hollywood screenwriter, but his debut novel is proving difficult. He falls in love with the city and believes that he and Inez should settle there once they marry, but Inez does not share his romantic views of the city or his belief that the 1920s were the Golden Age. When Inez goes out dancing with her pals, Gil goes for a midnight stroll and stumbles upon what could be the ultimate source of creative inspiration. Gil’s nighttime walks in Paris could bring him closer to the city’s heart, but further away from the woman he’s about to marry.

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4. Groundhog Day (1993)

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Director- Harold Ramis

Phil Connors, the TV weatherman, is cynical to say the least, and having to return to Punxsutawney, Pa. on February 2 to see if Punxsutawney Phil is still alive makes him even more so. Phil realises that playing with his shadow isn’t his idea of a good time. With his segment producer Rita, he’s grumpy, and with cameraman Larry, he’s just unpleasant. He doesn’t take the shadow business seriously, but when he wakes up the next morning, he finds himself reliving the same day. Phil initially refuses to believe what is happening to him and fights it, but soon realises that he will be reliving the same day over and over again. He takes advantage of the opportunity to learn new abilities, such as piano playing and ice carving, and quickly rises to become Punxsutawney’s most admired man. However, no one knows how many times he will experience the day.

5. Synchronic (2019)

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Director- Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

Steve and Dennis, two paramedics and closest friends, investigate a sequence of terrible and strange events. Their research leads them to a new hallucinogenic substance, which they believe is linked to the fatalities. When Dennis’s daughter goes missing, they learn a shocking truth about the medication that alters their perceptions of reality, time, space, and their own lives.

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6. Back To The Future (1995)

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Director- Robert Zemeckis

Marty McFly’s life is a complete waste of time. His father, George, is bullied regularly by his boss, Biff Tannen, and his mother, Lorraine, is an obese alcoholic. Marty receives a call from his scientist friend Dr. “Doc” Emmet Brown, instructing him to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 a.m., where Doc unveils and shows a time machine powered by plutonium and built within a DeLorean. Marty accidently triggers the time machine, which transports him to 1955, where he inadvertently disrupts his adolescent parents’ rendezvous. Marty must persuade Doc that he is a time traveller, reunite his parents, and return to the future.

7. Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

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Director- Steve Pink

Adam, whose girlfriend deserted him, Nick, who has a dead-end career and a cheating wife, and Lou, a suicidal alcoholic, are three buddies on a losing streak. Adam and Nick, along with Adam’s nephew Jacob, go to a winter resort where they used to party to assist Lou recuperate from automobile exhaust poisoning. The place is now a dump, but the boys have banded together for a night of partying in the hot tub. The hot tub transports them back to 1986, to a pivotal night in each of their lives. Maybe if they do everything the same way they did that night, they’ll be able to travel back in time and give birth to Jacob. There are strong temptations to go in a different direction.