Thor: Love And Thunder Review: Finally, one of the most awaited movies of the year has been released. It was also mentioned in our movies to look out for July 2022 list. It could have been looked upon as the savior of Marvel’s fourth phase.

But alas expectations were not met once again. Once again in the journey of making the movie funny, Marvel lost the main essence of the movie. Marvel already changed Thor’s character in Ragnarok and many fans were upset because of that.

Well, they are going to be even angrier after watching Love and Thunder. The movie was not bad, but it looks like Thor has become a comedy Ultra-powerful superhero rather than the all-mighty no-nonsense god we saw in the first two parts.

Shang-Chi and No Way Home still remain the only two movies of Phase 4 that are fun and still caters to the expanding universal storyline. Thor: Love and Thunder has definitely made the hype of upcoming MCU projects little but dull.

Thor: Love and Thunder Review: Plot

Thor: Love and Thunder Review: Love and Thunder focused on Thor’s biggest challenge as of yet. After returning to Asgard he has to face his most fearsome opponent yet. One who has the potential to even kill him.

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Gorr who has killed many gods has now set his sights on God Of Thunder. And he won’t stop at any cost before killing him. He is even more powerful than Hela and Thor have to face more challenges before he can defeat Gorr.

On his journey, he will be accompanied by Valkeriye and his ex-girlfriend Jane. Who is now Lady Thor?

Thor: Love and Thunder: Positives


The cast is the main attraction of the movie. And they are the ones that saved the movie from being a complete disaster. Chris Hemsworth was really good as Thor and he was convincing from start to finish.

Tessa Thompson was also good and did her job perfectly. But without a glimmer of don’t, the real star of the movie was Natalie Portman and Christian Bale. They stole the show and were the spotlight of the movie.


The drama of Love and Thunder where they did not try to ruin it by getting too much indulging in humor was really good. There were certain emotional scenes and the movie will make you feel good in certain parts as well.

The problem is that it was not consistent. There were moments of brilliance but they were so far apart from each other that you will feel betrayed most of the time. We can see the potential of the movie from these scenes only.

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The action of the movie was slick. We can say many things about phase 4, but one thing for certain is that the action of phase 4 has been amazing. Shang-Chi, Multiverse Of Madness, and now Love and Thunder, every movie had amazing action sequences.

There were some scenes you can say we’re on par with the first installment of Thor. That is the best Thor movie ever by the way. So, if you are looking for good action, Love and Thunder will work for you.

Thor: Love and Thunder Review
Thor: Love and Thunder Review

Thor: Love and Thunder: Negatives

Unnecessary Comedy

Now, this was the thing that annoyed me the most. I disliked Ragnarok because of all the unnecessary comedy as well. But they took that same formula for this part and increased it by tenfolds.

And that was never going to work, was it. At first, the comedy sequences were nice. But they became repetitive and annoying so fast that you will be frustrated after certain minutes of the movie.


Another recurring theme of Phase 4 is the production quality of the movie. Even though the budget of every Phase 4 movie has been rock solid and lavish. There has been something missing from production and it lacks in many areas.

Love and Thunder face the same problems. The production felt a little bit off in many moments. These movies should give you the feeling of Larger than life cinema. And, Love and Thunder completely failed to do so.

No Sense Of Urgency

Thor was facing his biggest and most dangerous opponent yet. And still, there was no sense of urgency or danger in the movie. Gorr did not feel dangerous at all for the most part of the movie. We did not feel any kind of danger to Thor’s life in the movie at all.

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Maybe it was because of the nature of the director and the character. Gorr is one of the most serious villains in Marvel. And he did not blend with Taika’s ultra humorous style of the movie at all. The contrast was uncanny.


The movie was very slow for the first hour. We know that you have to build up the villain, and they did that perfectly in the first hour. But they did not establish any other thing in that time period. You will struggle to find anything else worthwhile in the first half of the movie other than Gorr.

Thor: Love and Thunder Review: Is It Worth It?

As we have said, the movie was not completely bad. But it was disappointing. And that is not how you should feel once you have watched an MCU movie. We hope that MCU sorts out their phase 4 problems sooner rather than later because they are digging a hole for themselves now.

Still, it is Thor, you can watch it in theaters if you want to watch it. But you can skip it as well and you won’t miss many things.