Zack Snyder, We can still get SnyderVerse as AT&T is still restructuring WB.

Zack Snyder, So, we might still be getting SnyderVerse and I am really excited about it. As is doing his press for his upcoming “Army Of The Dead”, he was vocal about his relationship with WB. You can say that he has been more open about his relationship with Warner Brothers and it looks hopeful. We all know that WB or DC films have been going through constant changes due to multiple factors. Because of that, there is a constant shift in upcoming DC content. WB wants to control DC content and they are getting backlash because of it. Now it looks like they are finally going to take some action for it.

Zack Snyder

The WB wants to control DC content However, with Snyder Cut’s release, HBO Max has a different point of view now. Recently, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Toby Emmerich, who is a chairman at Warner Bros. was looking for a new job. Toby usually looks at production at WB and HBO Max. This news came as WB is trying to remove him since December of last year. Now, these had been rumors for a while, but now with all the other news floating around this can be the truth. If this is true, we are seriously going to see a major tide change in the WB hierarchy.

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Major Backlashes

The CEO of Warner Media, Jason Kilar, revealed that they were at backfoot for a long time. The company was in a very challenging position due to the decision made by Carolyn Blackwood(COO) and Toby Emmerich. WB faced major backlash from prestigious directors such as Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve at the time. Kilar reported the circumstances as “bumpy”. Now, the backlash came over Toby’s and Carolyn’s decision of Zack Snyder moving the entire company’s every movie in 2021 on HBO Max. Simply, they decided to release the movies on HBO Max on the same day as the theatrical release. Naturally, it was going to face some backlash.

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Kilar said that “If I had the chance to do it over again, I think it is very fair to say that we would have taken a couple more days to see if we could have had even more conversations than we were able to have”. It might be true that the studio did not have much of a discussion with any of its creative partners before taking the decision. But, not the rumors of Steven Speilberg joining the DCEU have been surfacing. So, it looks like WB is getting their acts back together to bag these great directors once again.

Justice League

It is no doubt that the major reason for all of these changes has been the Justice League. Warner Bros, are constantly getting backlash since 2017 after they replaced mid-movie. They hired Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns for the movie and it has not been pretty since then. Actors like Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher have come out to state how toxic it was to work with both of them. Ray Fisher has been constantly talking about that and that led to his firing.

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stated that “WB has been Anti from the start. But I would also say that originally they were also not interested in my take of Justice League. They certainly made decisions about that. I love the characters, I love the plot and I would love to continue this journey. But the fan movement is so strong and so moving that I have huge respect for that. I would hope that they see this. They see how big the fandom is and I hope the fans prevail”.

Zack Snyder Hope Will Set Us Free

What I got from all this is that for us fans the “S” stands for SnyderVerse now. And I choose hope. But they came through. Because the vision of Snyder for Justice League was good. As we have seen in Justice League Snyder Cut. We now just have to make our own present just like The Flash.