There are some productive year for both Hollywood and Bollywood. Both industries produced some of the best films of the century. Though we were in the great depression of the global pandemic, however, the filmmakers did not stop themselves from making good cinema. Likewise, below are some of the top well-written films ranked.

1. Sherni

Top Well-Written Films
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Director- Amit V. Masurkar

Screenplay- Amit V. Masurkar, Aastha Tiku, Yashashvi Mishra

Vidya Vincent is the new DFO of a village where a Tigress has been terrorizing the area by killing people for a long time. After learning that the Tigress is T 12, Vidya and her team educate the villagers on how to stay safe. Also, alert them to any strange activity in the jungle leading up to Tigress. But local politics get in the way, and sharpshooter Ranjan Rajhans is dispatched to track down the Tigress, who believes in hunting for the sake of setting records.

2. Dune

Top Well-Written Films
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Director- Denis Villeneuve

Screenplay- Jon Spaihts, Denis Villeneuve, Eric Roth

Paul Atreides, a clever and gifted young man born into a huge destiny beyond his comprehension, must travel to the universe’s most deadly planet to save his family and people. Only those who can overcome their fear will live as nefarious powers clash over the planet’s unique supply of the most valuable resource in existence—a commodity capable of unlocking humanity’s greatest potential.

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3. Judas And The Black Messiah

Top Well-Written Films
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Director- Shaka King

Screenplay- Will Berson, Shaka King

After a run-in with the law in 1966, William O’Neal, a brazen seventeen-year-old vehicle thief, strikes a deal with FBI agent Roy Martin Mitchell. In exchange for his charges being dismissed, Bill must infiltrate the Illinois branch of the Black Panther Party. It is commanded by charismatic luminary Fred Hampton. As FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover seeks to hobble the Black Panthers after labeling them a threat, Fred Hampton. As a result, the unrepentant revolutionary, rises through the ranks, forging unexpected but powerful connections. Also founding the Rainbow Coalition, a multicultural movement. Now that Judas is embedded in the center of the political machine, functioning as the FBI’s eyes and ears, the impostor is further caught up in the midst of his never-ending fabrications. And the radical action of the influential black Messiah must be halted in some way.

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4. Sardar Udham

Top Well-Written Films
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Director- Shoojit Sircar

Screenplay- Ritesh Shah, Shubhendu Bhattacharya

Udham Singh, an Indian revolutionary most known for assassinating Michael O Dwyer in London. Dwyer was the mastermind behind the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre on April 13, 1919. The story tells how Udham Singh survived the Baisakhi massacre. It killed 400 people and injured 1000 more, and how he avenges those who died.

5. Drive My Car

Top Well-Written Films
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Director- Ryusuke Hamaguuchi

Screenplay- Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Takamase Oe

Yusuke Kafuku, a renowned stage actor and director, receives an opportunity to produce a play of Uncle Vanya at a theatre festival in Hiroshima two years after his wife’s untimely death. Misaki Watar, a reserved young woman appointed by the festival to chauffeur him in his prized red Saab 900, joins him there. Tensions rise among the cast and crew as the production’s debut approaches. Particularly between Yusuke and Koshi Takatsuki, an attractive TV star who has an unwelcome link to Yusuke’s late wife. Yusuke, forced to confront terrible facts from his past. As result, begins to explore the haunting secrets his wife left behind with the help of his driver.

6. Drishyam 2

Top Well-Written Films
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Director- Jeethu Joseph

Screenplay- Jeethu Joseph

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Georgekutty is the proud owner of a movie theatre and aspires to develop and produce his own big film, six years after the horrific catastrophe that nearly devastated his family. His wife Rani, on the other hand, is uneasy. She is concerned about Georgekutty, who has taken out debt and has begun to drink. Anju has epileptic fits and cowers in fear at the sound of a passing police siren, and young Anu’s developing independence pulls her away from her mother’s watchful gaze. Worse yet, the neighbors have begun to gossip, and the police have stayed steadfast in their pursuit of George’s darkest secret. Can Georgekutty save his family a second time when someone from the past returns to the village?

All of the films listed in this article can be considered top well-written films . Granted, there are a few different factors that go into evaluating film writing and various methods of determining which films are worthy of this title. But in trying to encapsulate everything that makes a film well-written, we’ve come up with quite the diverse list. Some are analytical and contain excellent characters; others have great dialogue; some are emotionally powerful, while others require you to use your imagination.

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