Top 10 Most Popular Shows on Netflix August, It’s the start of a new month and Netflix has once again released their list of top 10 TV shows of the month. August 2021 was a big month for Netflix, as we saw so many big shows getting released that month. It wasn’t only the Netflix series released in August, but some old series also made it to the top 10. We have got you covered and will give you the list of all the 10 shows that were revealed by Netflix itself. It wasn’t easy as we had to dig deep to find the list. So, without further ado let’s get on with the list.

10. Hunter x Hunter

I am so glad that this list is starting with an anime. Finally, Hunter X Hunter is getting the recognition it deserves. If you are an anime fan, you have to watch Hunter X Hunter at least once. It starts as a kid anime and then takes a drastic turn that you will never expect. If you think that this is a bright show, you are in for a surprise. It is one of the darkest anime I have ever watched. And I have watched some pretty dark things.

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9. Manifest

Okay, Manifest is a weird show. But it doesn’t mean that it is bad in any sense. I really like Manifest. It is a mystery show that has flavors of mythology in it. And I love it. Actually, I love the fact that this show is so heavy on family drama. Because I love a good family drama. That is why This Is Us is one of my favorite shows. But returning to Manifest; It is not a perfect show, but it is a really good watch. A watch that you will enjoy.

8. The Flash

Okay, I don’t know how ‘The Flash’ is here. But it is what it is. I mean, the quality of this show has been degrading with every season. The first two seasons of The Flash are so good, but the downfall is just that bad after that. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch the show because I am a DC fan and Flash is one of my favorite characters. You can still watch the show and you will be entertained. But just thinking about how it started and how it is going, is just sad.

7. Love Is Blind: After the Altar

Love is Blind is an odd series but I still love it so much. It is based on people who want to be loved for they are, rather than their looks. And then they take the concept of blind dating too literally. And then both of them talk without any distractions from the outside world and if they liked the conversation they propose and then they can see their future fiancee. After The Altar is the second season of the show. Where couples are planning their wedding day now.

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6. Virgin River

I like it, it’s a slow relaxing show to watch when you are in the mood to relax and want light and something you can enjoy without thinking too much. It’s wholesome and relaxing and, as you say, it’s not something that has deep thought-provoking plots which aren’t necessarily bad. The downside I would say is it’s either predictable or the scriptwriters telegraph their plot points too obviously. 

5. Cocomelon

It is a proper kids’ show. It teaches your kids numbers, animal sounds, and more. And all of it is in the form of a musical. It is a decent kids’ show, but it doesn’t have much depth. So, if you want your kids to watch this show, it is perfectly safe and alright.

4. Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified

It is an Original factual television series featuring the most recent information and proof exposing the most top-secret government projects that handled contacts with and cover-ups of, extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

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3. Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

A Six-part Saga on the South Florida traffickers indicted in one of the largest drug cases in U.S. history. Alleged to be the chief U.S. distributors for two of Colombia’s biggest cartels, Cuban exiles Augusto “Willy” Falcon and Salvador “Sal” Magluta were accused of smuggling over 75 tons of cocaine into the U.S. in the 1980s. 

2. All American

I am obsessed with this show. It is such a good watch. All American is one of the best things on Netflix right now. It can get a little bit boring in some episodes, but you can easily ignore it. It deals with so many real social issues in such a sensitive manner. I hope you watch this show because it is amazing.

1. Outer Banks

I guessed that this show would be on the top this month. I dived in the show with really low expectations and I liked it. It is a proper teen show but with lots of twists. It is a decent show if you want to watch it. I must say that the second season was so much better than the first.

These were the Top 10 Netflix Shows Revealed By Netflix Itself. All of these shows are good and you can enjoy these without any problem. So, what are you waiting for now? The list is out, go and start binging.