Best DC Animated Movies, Out of all the masterpieces, We have selected the best ones for you.

Best DC Animated Movies, DC has always been good at producing animated movies and shows. No matter how dodgy DCEU has been so far, in terms of animated movies and series, DC reigns supreme. The variety of characters with different storylines that are complex yet simple have made them fan favorites. Now, this was a hard list to make as every movie had something amazing in it. But after hours of binging, we have finally made it here. So, buckle up, as these are The Ten Best DC Animated Movies.

Best DC Animated Movies

Best DC Animated Movies

The Dark Knight Returns

Yeah, we are taking both parts as one. After all, it was one complete story and in the deluxe edition, you get both the parts. So, why not? I don’t know why this movie doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Critics loved the movie and I loved it too. One thing that really got my attention was DC knew that they would lose money while making it. But, they still went ahead and did it. And they did it well. And it also opened the way for movies like The Killing Joke. Another trivia for all you is that the Christopher Nolan trilogy was based on The Dark Knight Returns only as he was heavily inspired by it.

Green Lantern: First Flight

This movie is based on the origin of Hal Jordan. And if you have made your opinion of Hal Jordan based on the live-action movie then you should watch this. You will completely change your opinion. Whatever that live-action version did wrong, First Flight made it right. It gives much-needed focus to Sinestro and you will realize why he is one of the best villains in the DC Universe. The way Hal solves all the mysteries around his origin and they even introduced Desparo as another major villain. What more do you want?

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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

It is one of those rare movies which might be slightly better than the comics. I just added it here because of the action scenes. This movie is filled with those, and all of them are amazing. Wonder Woman and Big Barda against Female Furies, Superman, and Supergirl against Darkseid. The scene where Darkseid just keeps pounding on Superman is just beautiful. Proper chef kisses for that. We have seen serious Batman our whole life, so seeing a sarcastic Batman was a welcome change. All of these action scenes being wrapped up into just over an hour without even sabotaging the plot even a bit is just commendable.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

I knew you were looking for this one. Here it is. How can I not involve a movie which inspired even DCEU? I know many people consider it as the best ever, but I have my reasons for ranking it here. They really handled some of the best parts from the comics very well. Flashpoint Paradox is really hard to explain. It is a story on a personal level and all of this while letting Flash fight for the reality he strived so much to have. The unnecessary shock factors from introducing superheroes and killing them instantly was a bit much, but you can easily ignore that.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earth

What makes superhero vs superhero so interesting? Crisis on Two Earth is far from perfect but it is one of the better DC animated movies and there are few reasons for that. Great voice acting, animation, and the story itself are pretty fun. The major thing that got my interest was that it had so many subplots while it kept its focus on the main plot as well. Batman vs Owlman was the stuff of my dreams and I loved every part of it. The climax is my favorite scene of all time and when Batman said “You blinked”, I literally screamed my mouth off.

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All Star Superman

I have a dream where a storyline from DC starts with All-Star Superman and ends with Kingdom Come. I mean, I can dream, right? The story revolves around Superman getting to know that he is dying. And in his final days, he is the strongest and smartest ever. And it creates a very good plot that revolves around it only. It is like a summary and love letter to all the Superman fans and if you are one you should definitely watch it.

Justice League: Doom?

I liked it better than the comics version of it. And yes that volume of Justice League is regarded as one of the very best DC has to offer, I still liked the movie better. It just somehow felt more natural and heavy. They could have stuck with the base material and used Ra’s Al Ghul as the main antagonist but I liked Vandal Savage too. The animation was pretty cool, the action sequences didn’t disappoint, and the voice acting as always was great. This movie practically focused on everything that makes Batman. His insecurities, and even though he trusts you he will take you out if you come between the mission.

Justice League: The New Frontier

If All-Star Superman is a love letter to Superman fans, The New Frontier is a love letter to all the DC silver age fans. It is one of the most inspiring movies I have ever seen. People don’t really rate The New Frontier as much as they should do it. This movie is focused on Martian Manhunter, Hal Jordan, and Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash. Which we don’t see much in Justice League movies. The movie is set in the 1950s and tackles that time’s issues very nicely. It is a delight to watch this movie and you all should watch it.

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Batman: Year One

I am a Batman fan, so my last two picks will be biased of course. But I have reasons for that. In my opinion, Batman: Year One is the greatest Batman story ever. It is a good place to start the story. It focuses on Batman’s and Jim Gordon’s first year in Gotham. And the narration and similarities between those two are so beautiful. It is what I wanted Batman: Hush to be, but they went ahead and ruined it. But, thankfully, Batman: Year One is a masterpiece that everyone should watch.

Batman: Under The Red Hood

If Batman: Year One is Batman’s greatest story ever, Under The Red Hood is Batman’s greatest tragedy ever told. Even if you ignore the whole movie and take only the final scene into consideration, it still is the best. It is one of the finest animated movies ever made. The movie focuses on both Boy Wonders for once. Even the focal point was Jason Todd, Dick got his screen time too. I can watch this movie as much as I want and I won’t be bored anytime. I want this movie in Live action so bad and please make it happen.

These are the Top Ten DC Animated movies ever. Know of any other movie that we might have missed? Let us know down below.