The Suicide Squad Review, James Gunn Suicide Squad is good. Too good that it might be able to clear off any memories of its predecessor. Suicide Squad 2016 was a bag of mixed opportunities. And, David Ayer is not the person to blame for that. It was WB that really made all the cuts a week before the release of the movie. And everyone knows how that turned out. That is exactly why James Gunn’s version is so good. Because it was a creator’s honest work where the studio didn’t made interfere. The movie was as Gunn wanted it to be. And guess what, it worked.

The Suicide Squad Review

Now, let’s get on with the actual movie review. The Suicide Squad might be the best DCEU movie to date. If I was not biased I would definitely rate it as the best. Every critic has rated this movie greatly. Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie a near-perfect score and I was not expecting that. As I said, The Suicide Squad is firing from all cylinders and is a really fun watch. It feels like what we should have gotten in the first place that WB deprived us of.

The Suicide Squad: Plot

This time the movie starts with Robert DuBois aka “Bloodsport”. Robert is serving life imprisonment for trying to kill Superman. When Amanda Waller comes to him and gives him the same proposal we saw in the first movie. He reluctantly agrees to the deal, because it is Amanda Waller and makes a team. Once the team reaches the island they realize that the danger is bigger than ever. So, enter Rick Flag and his old Suicide Squad. And together they will save the world from something called “Project Starfish.”

The Suicide Squad: Positives

Something Refreshing

The Suicide Squad is everything that the 2016 Suicide Squad promised us to be. It was something different, unique, and refreshing. It felt like a breath of fresh air. From the first scene itself, The Suicide Squad distinguished itself from the previous one. The vibes are completely different and it feels so good. It feels like that it has a direction from the very first scene.

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Do you know what was the best scene of Suicide Squad 2016? The bar scene where every villain sits down and talks to each other. That scene alone set the tone for what was coming afterward and gave every character a proper backstory and emotional attachment. That was the time when all of these characters felt different for the first time in the whole movie. The Suicide Squad is completely like that Every character is different from each other. Some characters have some righteousness while some are completely barbaric. It sets the tone of the movie perfectly.

Screen Time

Every character gets time to shine in The Suicide Squad. The movie wasn’t focused on any one person but on everyone. And that was the best part of the movie. John Cena was able to show his impeccable comic timing. Idris Alba was being Idris Alba and that was amazing, Harley Quinn once again stole the show. Even Rick Flag felt interesting in this one. And that is a statement I never thought I would write.

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The Suicide Squad: Is It Worth It?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it. As I said, it might be one of the best comic book movies ever. Critics are all in the favour of the movie. I am in the favor of the movie. What are you waiting for now? The movie will be released worldwide in cinema halls near you in the coming days. So, You should go and watch it as soon as possible.