The Most Popular TV Shows on Netflix: Netflix adds shows to their library so rapidly that it is hard to keep track really. But we are here for you again with yet another list. We have covered the shows and movies that are leaving Netflix this march, now we are here with a list of the most popular shows on Netflix right now. We won’t include any show before 2021, because that list will never end. There are some ultimate gems this year and we are only at the start of the year. Better and world-class shows are coming and we can’t really wait for it. But that is a list for another time. These are the Most Popular TV shows on Netflix right now that you should watch.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Season 4

I know, the final season of the show released in 2020. But it released on the last day of 2020, so I am considering it here. Chilling Adventure of Sabrina is always a fun show to watch. And the finale is no different. It just gets more bizarre than ever. This show might be my personal favorite modern horror show. It is based on the famous comic book series ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’. You can watch this show if you have nothing to watch this weekend, this can be your perfect getaway. This show is good enough to entertain you and won’t require that much of your attention.

The first arc of the show is a case of hit and miss, but the second arc is as spooky as you want it to be. The sudden tone shift is amazing, deathly, and beautiful. It gets real creepy real fast. Season 2 was a bust, but season 3 made up for it brilliantly. And the finale is just as good as the third season. Personally, I am not surprised that it is one of the Most Popular TV shows on Netflix.

Amend: Fight For America

According to Section 14 of the American Constitution, every citizen is equal in the eyes of law. But, was it always like that? Was everyone treated equally right from the beginning? Are people still treated being treated equally? This show will put lots of things for you in perspective. The six-episode series, with each episode focusing on different stories of struggles, fight, girth, and determination. This could have been a masterpiece of a show but fell short due to Netflix’s need of dramatizing everything. The show is stacked with so many amazing actors and everyone performed their part perfectly. If you really want to know the journey towards the ideal American Dream, go and watch it. Due to its premise, it has become one of the Most Popular TV shows on Netflix and you should watch it.

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Cobra Kai – Season 3

The original Karate Kid is back again. After an amazing two seasons, the third season was released earlier this year. And it didn’t disappoint. The show lost its way a little bit last season but was able to find its footing again this season. The flashbacks from the original movies were an amazing touch of nostalgia. Season three took some major decisions, like making Johnny and Daniel allies that were needed for the sake of plot progression. And Kreese has finally found his footing as a cold-blooded villain. And the most shocking thing was that the third season focused so less on Karate. The main focus of this season was plot progression and I think it was for the best. The next season is going to be filled with action and we all know it.

The season ended at the perfect time with every fan demanding more and more. Now we are just waiting for the fourth and possibly the last season of the show. And with just 10 episodes this is the perfect weekend binge material. 

Pacific Rim: The Black

Pacific Rim was released just now and it already is one of the Most Popular TV shows on Netflix. It features the story of two brothers, Taylor and Hayley. After the takeover of Australia by Kaiju, both of them will go on a journey to find their parents. They will find a Jaegar in the way that they will use to fight any Kaiju in their way. But will their journey be that easy? There will be lots and lots of danger in their way. They will face so many death situations that it will be hard to keep track.

The show starts slow, but by the end, I was completely blown away. The thing I was most skeptical about was the animation and how wrong was I. Even after the 3D animation style, it felt really good. It gave something of Authentic and exclusive vibes. The main reason it worked so well was that it was similar to the first movie. The world-building was more precise and detailed and it helped us to care about the characters. It is the best Netflix TV Shows in March 2021 as of now and you all should check it out.

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Murder Among The Mormons

It is a docuseries and it is the absolute best. How are we only three months in 2021 and already getting a show of the year contender. The third part of Murder Among the Mormons is every but of crazy, shocking, gore, nerve-wracking and bizarre that you would have expected it to be. If you love a crime series this is for you. Because it is not just a mere crime series, it is soaked in cultural bindings that will shook you from inside while leaving you demanding more and more. It is one of the rare examples of a documentary done absolutely right. It is “The Netflix TV Shows March 2021” and I am not even a single bit surprised that it is one of the Most Popular TV shows on Netflix right now.

Firefly Lane

It is a much better show than you expect it to be. And the main reason is the cast of the show. Both of them acted brilliantly and carried the whole show. In its genre, it is one of the Best Tv shows on Netflix. The script and plot were solid and you don’t get bored for even a single moment. In the end, it leaves you demanding for more. The flashback scenes are so solid that I want a spin-off of the show, with both leads as kids.

I don’t know how but the makeup crew somehow affected the show in a bad way. It is a perfectly fine show. But during the flashback scenes, Sarah and Katherine don’t look as young as they were supposed to do. But both of them gave a fine performance and even Heigl gave an outstanding performance. The script was strong and the chemistry between the lead actresses can be seen throughout the show. It was a weirdly feel-good show that can be watched anytime. 

History of Swear Words

It is such an unorthodox series but at the same time is quite amazing. It stars Nicolas Cage, who is the absolute best, by the way, telling us the cultural and historical impact of some of the most famous curse words in the English language. Do you know what is the best thing about this show? It’s that it features Nicolas Cage cursing for six episodes straight and it is pure magic. In my opinion, they should have cut down all the comedians and should have focused on history and Nicolas Cage. I know, I sound like a simp for Nicolas and that is because I am. Just watch this show with a free mind and you will enjoy every single bit of this show.

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Fate: The Winx Saga

In just three days after its release, Fate: The Winx Saga became the number one show on Netflix. Meaning, it became the Most Popular TV shows on Netflix, in just three days. That says something. Based on anime of the same name. If you are planning to watch it, just don’t compare it with the anime and you will enjoy it then. It has no unnecessary tropes that we usually see in a CW show and that is for the best. The pace is solid, the cast is strong and the plot is reliable. Definitely worth giving a try if you are looking for something new to watch.

Age of Samurai: The Battle For Japan

I just include this show because of its action. This show is a visual treat and if you want to watch something beautiful this is it. In terms of action, this is the Best Tv shows on Netflix I have watched in recent times. If you are into technical stuff then also this show is perfect. It got almost every historic fact right. The cast is solid and did a commendable job. The plot is solid and matches the pace of the show. I can watch this show again just because of its cinematography and how good it actually looks. People might complain about the dark theme of the show, But I am a sucker for the dark theme. It is a pretty good show that can be enjoyed anytime.


There is a reason why the second part Lupin teaser was grossing as soon as it came out. It is the Most Popular TV shows on Netflix. Lupin’s Netflix series is a very entertaining show that you will enjoy no matter what. It has an amazing cast, a beautifully written plot, A dangled plot that will be unveiled by a single thread. It is beautifully directed and every character has some depth to it. And even though the end was a little bit underwhelming, the decision to end it on a cliffhanger was the right decision. Only if the decision to change Assane’s character in the fourth episode could be turned back, this might have been the perfect show. But you can definitely ignore that. Overall it is an entertaining show that all of you should watch. 

This was our list of Most popular TV shows on Netflix right now. Know any other show that we might have missed? Let us know.