Because it’s challenging to create an engaging film about a man working at a computer, good hacker movies are hard to find. Another is that most of the drama in the digital world and with hacking is not evident to the unaided eye. A few hacker movies have been excellent. Some people have been bad. And still others ought never to have been created. For your convenience, we have created categories in which we have separated the best, worst, and ugliest hacker films of all time.


1. WarGames (1983)

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Director- John Badham

David is a smart but lazy youngster in Seattle. He would rather hack into the high school computer and alter his grades than study. When David decides to break into the Protovision toy company one day with his best friend Jennifer by his side in search of new games. He unintentionally connects the War Operation Plan Response system in a computer at the North American Aerospace (NORAD) facility at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs by using the password Joshua. It was the name of the system’s creator, the late scientist Stephen Falken. In a game of Thermo War between the United States and the Soviet Union, David challenges the computer. He soon understands that the computer is participating in a game with no victors. Also, that the United States of America has changed its condition to DEFCON 1.

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2. TRON (1982)

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Director-  Steven Lisberger

Kevin Flynn, a creative computer engineer, is marginalise, his labour stolen from the ruthless boss Ed Dillinger, and he is sack from the powerful ENCOM firm. He has no choice but to use his free time to gather proof of theft. Flynn’s digitise alter ego will unintentionally find himself transfer into an other electronic reality. There oppress small-scale programmes are compel to compete with each other or face extinction up against an ever-watching master control programme, the MCP.

3. The Net (1995)

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Director- Irwin Winkler

Computer guru Angela Bennett is. This young, attractive analyst is never more than a few feet from a computer and modem. Visits to her mother are her only activity away from computers. Dale Hessman, a buddy with whom she had only communicated on the phone and the internet. He send her a software that had an odd fault that she needed to fix. He depart that evening to meet her, but he gets kill in a plane crash. Only hours before her trip, Angela finds sensitive material on the CD she received. After her records are deleted and she receives a new identity with a police record. Her life quickly descends into a nightmare. She tries to figure out what occurred and who has it out for her while trying to understand why.

4. Sneakers (1992)

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Director-  Phil Alden Robinson

A team of professionals who specialise in testing security systems is led by Martin Bishop. The team becomes caught up in a dangerous and enigmatic game when he is coerced into stealing a top-secret black box by federal operatives. The agents who hired them turned out not to be government agents after all. As they learn after recovering the box that it has the ability to decipher every encryption method in use worldwide.

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5. CitizenFour (2014)

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Director- Laura Poitras

Laura Poitras began receiving anonymous, encrypted emails from “CITIZENFOUR” in January 2013, who claimed to have proof of nefarious covert monitoring activities carried out by the NSA. Also, in conjunction with other foreign intelligence organisations. Five months later, she travelled to Hong Kong for the first of many encounters with the individual. He would subsequently be identified as Edward Snowden, along with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill. She was carrying a camera. The resulting movie shows us history being written.

6. Hackers (1995)

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Director-  Iain Softley

The American Secret Service detains a young boy for creating a computer virus; he is prohibited from using computers until he turns 18 years old. Years later, he and his newfound pals uncover a scheme to release a harmful computer virus, but they are being hunted by the Secret Service and the malicious computer genius who created the virus. They must utilise their computer abilities to retrieve the proof.


7. Swordfish (2001)

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Director- Dominic Sena

The $400 million the DEA had made and left lying around when it shut down the SWORDFISH phoney corporation operation in 1986 has grown to $9.5 billion thanks to compound interest over the next fifteen years. Black Cell, a clandestine anti-terrorist organisation commanded by the cunning and dashing Gabriel Shear, wants the money to help finance their high-stakes war of retribution against foreign terrorists, but it’s all hidden behind super-encryption. To hack into the government mainframes and steal the money, he enlists convicted hacker Stanley Jobson, who merely wants to see his daughter Holly once more but cannot afford the legal bills.

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8. Snowden (2016)

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Director- Oliver Stone

High-ranking contractor Edward Snowden leaves his position at the National Security Agency after growing disenchanted with the intelligence establishment. Now that he is aware of it, a virtual mountain of data is being compiled to follow all digital communication, not just that of terrorist organisations and foreign governments, but also that of regular Americans. When Snowden decides to release this sensitive information, he earns the labels of hero and traitor as well as wanted man.


9. Blackhat (2015)

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Director- Michael Mann

Following a cyberattack on an American commodities market and a nuclear plant in China, the governments decide to chase the blackhat jointly. The Chinese government assigns Colonel Chen Dawai, who meets Carol Barrett and Mark Jessup, two Americans, in Los Angeles. He invites his sister Chen Lien and learns that the hacker utilised computer code created by Nick Hathaway, an old acquaintance from MIT who is currently serving time for bank robbery. They must follow the lead and go to China after he asks Nick to join the team. Nick and Lien fall in love with one another while they travel. Nick must take a dangerous action to locate the hacker because they are unable to determine what motivated the attack.

10. The Fifth Estate (2013)

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Director- Bill Condon