The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 Trailer: The official trailer of the third season of ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ was released yesterday and it looked intriguing. Honestly, I thought that the show will not return after the horrendous last season. But, it is back and it will soon be released on your screens. The trailer showed us that the story is set up in London. This time it will get more intense than in previous seasons. And I am all in for that. It is said that the third season will take a new approach. And will be more complex than the previous two seasons. In an interview, Anja Marquardt said that “What’s unique about this season is it’s looking at through the lens of human behavior and tech”. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about until I saw the trailer.

Honestly, the biggest shock for me was the inclusion of Alexandra Daddario. And by the looks of it, she might have a decent role. Nobody knows for how many episodes she will be in the series, but I can say for sure that it won’t be enough. Setting that aside, the trailer gave a little bit of Westworld vibe and I am all in for that. Anja said in the interview that “There’s a simulation that’s happening for every girlfriend… There’s a protagonist who comes in and interacts with clients. And I was interested in exploring the angle where she enters that equation from a very unique vantage point.”

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 Plot

According to the official synopsis “The Girlfriend Experience,” Season 3 is set amidst the London tech scene and focuses on Iris, a neuroscience major. As she begins to explore the transactional world of The Girlfriend Experience, Iris quickly learns that her client sessions provide her with a compelling edge in the tech world and vice versa.

Iris will be the main focus of the show. She is a neurosurgeon and wants to explore the transactional world of the Girlfriend experience. If you have watched the previous seasons you know what I am talking about. If you don’t know, go and watch the previous seasons, otherwise, you will be completely lost. Iris will realize that her clients are providing her an edge in her area. The reality will strike when she will question her actions. Is she doing all this of her free will? Or something much bigger is happening behind the scenes. The journey will take her on a path of self-realization with lots of twists and turns along the way.

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Release Date

The third season of The Girlfriend Experience is all set to release on May 2, 2021. It will consist of 10 episodes with each episode releasing every week. You can watch it weekly or you can binge it together after it is completely released. I will personally suggest the latter option but beware of the internet for any kind of spoilers. The show is going to release on STARZ in the USA. The worldwide release source will be revealed sooner than later, and we will update you as soon as something is announced. So, keep following this blog.

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3 Cast

Julia Goldani Telles is the main lead of the show. She will play the role of Iris. Other cast members include Riley Keough as Christine Reade, Paul Sparks as David Tellis, Mary Lynn Rajskub as Erin Roberts, and Briony Glassco as Susan King. Season 3 also includes Tobi Bamtefa as Brett, Daniel Betts as Rupert, and Armin Karima as Hiram. And how can we forget about Alexandra Daddario? I can honestly watch the whole show, just for her 1-second appearance. You can read the list of the full cast at STARZ’s official website or IMDB.

The cast is looking solid. Riley Keough carried the first season on her back so let’s hope Julia Goldani Telles could be as brilliant as her. We have seen Julia in shows like The Affair, where she did a commendable job. Matching the brilliance of Riley can be hard, but let’s hope Julia can do that. Other cast members are also looking solid, with everyone having few decent performances under their name.

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Brian Koppelman and David Levien are in-charge of writing alongside Anja Marquardt herself. Philip Fleishman and Steven Soderbergh, will once again, produce the series. Shane Carruth, Mondo Boys, and Matthew Pusti will compose the music. One thing I can be sure of is that the music of the series will be amazing. As we have seen in the previous two seasons.

The Girlfriend Experience Season 3: What to Expect

The show looks promising. I really hope that the show will make us forget all about the second season. If the third season is half as good as the first one, it will be amazing. All the director has to take care of is the pacing of the show. The plot looks interesting, the cast is there and the music will add to the suspense more. If Anja can execute it right, we might be looking at the show of the year for sure.