What actually happened at the end of Snyder Cut?: If you have watched both versions of Justice League, you will see The Flash is the most redeemed superhero of all. No more of that “I just push people and run away” thing anymore. He felt like a legitimate superhero that can save the world and that is saying something. Many of you might be thinking about what happened when mother boxes ruined the world and how Flash saved it again. We got two words for you Time-Travel. Yes, Barry went back in time and prevented the destruction of the world. But there are so many other things that will happen because of that.

Justice League

We have searched so many posts of Zack Snyder and other pages. We did that to tell you what will actually happen in the future of DCEU if they follow the Snyder version. And believe it or not, it looked absolutely beautiful. The plans Snyder had are better for everyone. If Snyder is allowed to continue his vision, it will mean better movies to us and better money to WB. I am not sure why they are hell-bent on not letting Snyder continue his vision when it is the better one. But, I am not ranting on it right now. In this article, I will tell you about all the possible outcomes that were going to happen in Snyderverse and how the time changing will set up Flash movie.

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Speed Force

When Batman recruited Barry for Justice League he told him that he is not just fast and it is complicated than that. He told him that calling him just fast is an oversimplification. Barry explained to Bruce that he can access a layer of dimensional reality which allows him to manipulate space-time. That layer is called Speed Force. Barry used speed force to change the timeline. Now, let’s be completely clear, Barry Allen doesn’t time travel by running fast. He actually travels in time by changing “the vibrations of his body”. The same vibrations that give him the ability to travel between different dimensions A.K.A The Speed Force. He doesn’t have to achieve a particular speed but particular vibrations to travel in time.

We have got all this from the CW Flash show and DC comics. It is a thing to notice that the other two Flashes travel in time by running fast. Both Wally and Bart, run faster than the speed of light and break the time barrier. And in the Snyder Cut Barry does it the same. he broke the rule of say time barrier. It was odd to see that but it still gave The Flash the authenticity it needed for the rest of his run.

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The Flash 2022

It has been announced that the Flash standalone movies will not be standalone. It will feature two Batman and one Cyborg. The Flash movie will be based on ‘The Flashpoint Paradox’ where Flash will run back in time to save his mother. Now, Barry has selfish reasons for that but changing the past will change the future. How his running back in time will change Justice League’s future, we will talk about that too.

Now, if you are familiar with ‘The Flashpoint Paradox’, be it a movie or comics you know what I am talking about. First of all, no matter what that movie is going to be amazing. Snyder Cut sets up The Flash movie in various ways. Iris West was introduced, Barry got a job in Police Department and he ran back in time. All of these factors are important for the Flash movie. Barry will run back in time, will save his mother and that will completely ruin the world, just like what will happen in Justice League 2. And we can also get a guest appearance of Shazam in The Flash movie and I am on my knees praying for that. Make it happen.

The Knightmare Scene

At the end of Snyder Cut we saw an Evil Superman, but let me tell you it was not a dream. That is Justice League 2 storyline. After his little stunt of travelling back in time, The Flash have ruined the timeline so bad that it has made Superman evil. If you guys are familiar with Injustice game or comics you know what will happen.

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Superman will turn evil because of the death of Lois. Now, let’s go back to Batman Vs Superman where Barry came in Batman dream to tell him that “Lois is the key”. Now many thought that it was for the instance when Superman will return, but it was for that moment. The sheer imagination of Superman fighting against the whole league and destroying them makes me so happy and I want it now. I am ready to sign any petition that you want me to but get Snyder back now.

WB didn’t want Time Travel Scene

If we go by Zack Snyder’s interview, we don’t think we are getting the Injustice storyline for Justice League 2. As Zack Snyder just told in his recent interview that WB was against him using the time travel scene. They didn’t want him to do that. So he went ahead and did that anyway.

All of these things are indicating that we will get another story for Justice League 2, possibly with Darkseid or some other villain. But, you can’t deny the fact that Superman destroying the whole world is not an interesting concept. If done right, it would have generated millions for WB. It is a missed opportunity that they are letting go.