The Flash Season 7, What does the return of Sue means for the future of the show?

The Flash Season 7, The latest episode of CW’s original The Flash saw the return of another familiar face. The seventh season of Flash is entering into new territory. After finally solving the problem of the speed force and saying Goodbye to Cisco, the team is in a new territory. There will be new threats, new villains, and more importantly, new allies. But the latest episode of The Flash marked the return of an old ally. You can say an ally or friend in times of need. But, Sue Dearbon has finally returned of Sue Dearbon on our screens.

The Flash Season 7

The Flash Season 7

Sue Dearbon first appeared in the sixth season of the CW Flash. The Flash has been trying to find its feet once again after few lackluster seasons. And major stars leaving the show isn’t helping it with that. Season 7 Episode 12 of The Flash saw Cisco and Kamilla leaving. There are no plans or any kind of announcement regarding their return yet. So, we will not see both of them for this season at least. And earlier, the CW team had to fire Hartley Sawyer, who was playing the role of Ralph Dibny. The firing came after a series of problematic tweets by Hartley himself. So, because of that, they had to write him off the TV and alongside Ralph, Sue was also absent from Flash.

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Who is Sue Dearbon?

In comics, Sue Dearbon is an integral part of Elongated Man. She is his wife and truly his ‘Lightning Rod’. She keeps him together after all the things. She is one of the most beloved characters in the comics.

They were together and so good with each other, that the creators had to write them off together. It is not that far-fetched. Sue is a skilled thief and knows her way around the computers. So, with the absence of Cisco and Ralph, she can be a decent addition to the team.

The Flash Season 7: What Does It Mean?

The addition of Sue Dearbon is obviously because the ‘Team Flash’ is very thin now. There is no Harrison Wells, No Cisco, No Kamilla, No Wally, and no Ralph. So, it was obvious that we would see another old character returning and joining the squad. So, when Chester asked Sue for help, it became completely obvious. But we can hope that she will be here for the whole seventh season at least. And it will be a really nice scenario. As CW The Flash has been struggling for freshness for quite a while now, Sue can be that breath of fresh air. And at this point, there can not be a bad addition to the team. As CW The Flash has become so diverse that every character is different. And it needs that now.

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The Flash Season 7 Episode 13 Review

It was a new start to The Flash. The new format that CW The Flash has adapted of completing a story mid-season is really interesting. They have said their goodbyes to Cisco and Kamilla. So, everything from now on is new territory. For now, we are focusing on character-driven episodes rather than stories. The last episode saw both Chester and Cecile sharing the spotlight together. Everyone thought that they would be getting Psycho-Pirate as a villain. But instead, we got Golden Mask. He was a nice transitional villain. So, it will be interesting to see where The Flash will go from here, as they can really make the show work again.

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The Flash Season 7: How To Watch?

You can watch the show on CW official site. And if you don’t have CW access in your region, The Flash comes on Colors Infinity right after the CW broadcast.