The Flash, CW officially revealed the first look of Bart Allen a.k.a Impulse.

The CW officially revealed the first look of the newest speedster in The Flash universe ‘Impulse’. And it is just like the leaked one. And it is not bad in any sense. Because the leaked suit was rad and officially released image just confirms that only. It looks like that the 150th episode of The Flash is going to be a blast.

The Flash

It was given that with both Cisco and Harrison Wells leaving for a while, we needed another brain to help Team Flash fight the crime, and well now they will have two. The leaked images also confirmed that Nora will also reappear in the show. How is that possible, I don’t know yet. Time Travel is really complicated.

Who Is Impulse?

Impulse is the alias of Bart Allen. He is the grandson of Barry and Iris. But the CW will change the story a little bit. In the show, he will serve as the son of Barry and Iris. Making him Nora’s brother. Well, we have seen Impulse’s storyline changing before, Smallville fans. In the comics Impulse later becomes the Kid Flash and later on becomes the fourth Flash. But we don’t see that happening in the show anytime soon. If you want to see Impulse more closely you can go and watch ‘Young Justice’.

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Bart comes to the present timeline because of the apocalypse in the future. In the Young Justice timeline, he came to present to save the world from Blue Beetle. Now, we don’t have Blue Beetle here in the Arrowverse, do we? But the possibility of another disaster in the future can’t be denied. He can be here for the next crossover too. There have been rumors that there won’t be a crossover this time, but you can never say no in these cases. And after that huge Hall Of Justice scene, there is no reason as to why it shouldn’t happen. Bart and Nora could be a few of the new additions to that Hall Of Justice.

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Who is playing the role of Impulse?

Jordan Fisher is the latest speedster in The Flash universe. It was announced way back that Jordan will be joining the show’s cast as the Impulse. You might remember him from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You. He was impressive there and was able to win the fans with his acting. Not only that he has done some pretty famous theater works in the past. He has worked in Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton and few musicals too. So, he is more than capable of acting the part if anyone is concerned about it.

What Does This Means?

And just like always, the inclusion of Bart won’t be short-sighted. Actually, anytime Impulse comes in any version of The Flash there is a disaster. And we think that there is one this time too. After all, why would a speedster come from the future to see his dad risking a whole timeline? Bart’s entry might see him as a part of Team Flash till the end of the season and I am here for it. Impulse is one of my favorite superheroes in the DC universe and him getting a proper live-action adaptation is a happy day for me.

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The suit of Impulse looks too good to be true. He is getting a comic-accurate suit and I can not be happier. His suit in the show will see him in yellow glasses and with a red and white suit. CW has finally found their own with the suits. As the seventh season suit of The Flash also looks really cool. A more detailed photo was leaked from the set that showed that Impulse will not have the CW’s typical leather zipper suit. That they used till last season. It is a welcome change.