Film – The Farm (2018)

Director – Hans Stjernswärd

Runtime – 80 mins.

Genre – Horror

Cast – Nora Yessayan, Ken Volok, Alec Gaylord

Yep, that’s humans on the table.

The farm is a horror movie that has long trodden the skeptical sketches of clichés. The movie makes a bare minimum to qualify for a gore horror movie. What you can surely say after watching it is “Well, PETA must be proud” as the movie hopes to dwell in a fear of revenge by the animals to those who eat meat. The movie features a shady farm that uses humans as a livestock.

The plot of the film blatantly dwells on a squabbling couple going on a road trip and despite the obvious signs of warning, the duo decide to rest in a clearly suspicious cabin. Both Nora & Alec wake up in different places. Alec wakes up naked in a barn while Nora is inseminated and put up to be livestock cattle. Strange people wearing animal masks roam the area, alongside a farmer who carries and collects human arms. Basically stating that the humans are the main course in the farm.


The direction could be well appreciated for the attempt to instill a few chills down the spine but the whole plot seems too stretched over a timeline of 80 mins. Also there seem a few plot-holes in the film itself, For eg. In one scene we see Alec getting jammed by a sledge hammer and in the next he shows up out of the blue, fully clothed to rescue Nora. More than half of the killings take place off screen and sometimes the plot seems to overshadow the characters. Thus, making it a jerky ride. All in all the director could be given a consolatory applause for trying.

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If there is one thing that has impressed me the most about the film is the cinematography. Not going up to the mark of impeccable, The cinematography of the film does a fine job. Egor Povolotskiy does manage to drag the goosebumps out of the audiences with some fine shots. The quality of cinematography may be considered a large factor that helped the film to stay afloat.


The most important part of the ensemble is the performer. The Farm seems to have blatantly ignored this statement. The actors seem to struggle at their roles, sometimes maintaining character seems difficult to both Nora & Alec. The quality of acting does point the light towards the film’s low budget. If the film depends on the shoulders of two actors, they better live up to their expectations which does not seem to happen in this case.

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Being an avid horror lover, the farm does fail to provide me the chills. Still overviewing the film on it’s low budget, It could be said that the ensemble does seem to deserve an applause. However, the scoring remains unaffected by this fact. 4/10

Where to Watch

The Film is available in select countries on amazon prime. Vudu is another platform to stream the film, there is no country bias on the latter. Also, rental might be the choice for one who fails at the first two options.