The Crew Season 1 review: Kevin James is officially back on Netflix with another show. He is back with his usual stick and it somehow doesn’t work, to be honest. This is Kevin’s return to the TV Show scene after The King of Queens. The Crew Netflix review can be summed up in a few words. It is Kevin Can Wait’ with more cars. The show decided to strike with harmless comedy that won’t arouse any kind of controversy, yet there were so many instances where it was problematic. The problem with ‘The Crew’ is that it has decided to present us with the same Kevin James that we have seen her so many times. He will drink his beer, eat his fries, will comment on someone funnily while keeping a straight face. Sometimes it will work, but it is 2021 now and most of the time it won’t.

Another thing that ruined the show for me was the background laughter track. It was so inconsistent. Sometimes it was played during a very lame joke and sometimes it missed some genuinely funny scenes. I thought that after shows like The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Fleabag, we are past that background laughing sitcoms. But I guess, I was wrong. Another thing about the show is that it kept on recycling old jokes again and again. I mean common, you still can’t joke on Vegan, Millenials, and Women and expect us to find it funny. Those who liked it, well, good for them. It is definitely not my cup of tea.

The Crew Season 1 Review

The Crew Netflix Series Review

The show was definitely unbearable for the first two episodes I think. After that, it picked up the pace and got better with each episode. But it still couldn’t reach the expected heights. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Kevin James and was kind of excited for this show. But, I don’t want the same Kevin James on my screen for the 1000th time. I think it is time for Kevin to grab some new characters. Look at Adam Sandler. He took Uncut Gems and completely changed his persona. He felt fresh and when he got back into the comedy scene, it was not like the Adam that we have seen for so long. There is a time when an actor needs to change his persona and I think Kevin needs to do that now.

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As for the The Crew Season 1 review show, If you like Kevin James’s style of comedy, you will like ‘The Crew.’ Because ninety-percent of the show is just that. It is just that kind of show that you can watch 1-2 episodes every night before hitting the bed. It’s not like one of the best visionary shows that you will ever watch, but there are some genuinely funny moments. And funnily enough, they aren’t because of Kevin James. The show will constantly joke about millennials, vegan people, and women. I think the main problem was a lack of depth not only with the characters but with the story as well. From the first scene itself, we are dropped in the middle of a circus and after that, we have to figure out everything.

The Crew Season 1 review Plot

The Crew Netflix Series Review the official synopsis of Netflix read “Life in the garage swerves off track for a NASCAR crew chief and his tight-knit racing team when a new boss steps in and shakes things up”.

The plot of the show is as simple as it can get. Kevin is a boss/manager of a pretty unsuccessful NASCAR team. Things change when the owner of the team retires and gave the helm of the team to his daughter. She is an Ivy-League graduate by-the-way. Catherine decides that she will work hard and will make the team actually win something, like a normal owner of a team. This is where Kevin and Catherine lock heads. Kevin doesn’t want to work hard and Catherine forcing everyone to work their 100 percent, things can get ugly real quick.

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The real problem of the show is with the characterization. The way Kevin scoffs at Catherine because she is a woman is unacceptable. I mean, we know you don’t want to work hard, but at least listen to your boss once, who is an Ivy-League graduate. She definitely knows what she is talking about. We are in 2021, and the makers have to realize that jokes on women are not funny anymore.

There are so many other tried and tested stuff in the show. The team’s driver Jake, is the dumb guy in every other sitcom we see. He is so dumb that it is a wonder he can drive a race car, that too in NASCAR. I mean, he thought “Monk” was short for “Monkey”. Catherine is a really good character. I liked the show every time she was on screen. She brought the much-needed energy to the show. But the character I absolutely loved was Beth. Her energy really made the show bearable. I was really scared, that her brightness might make me watch the world with new lights.


The Crew Netflix Series Review The show includes Kevin James as Kevin Gibson, Jillian Mueller as Catherine, Freddie Stroma as Jake, and Gary Anthony Williams as Chuck. Other cast includes Dan Ahdoot as Amir, Sarah Stiles as Beth, and Peres Berelc as Jessie De La Cruz. You can check the full cast at Netflix’s official website or IMDB.

The cast of the show is really solid. With every actor performing whatever was given to them with grace. They had great chemistry and it looked like they bonded off the set pretty well. If just the script was a little bit good, it could have been really really good.

Andy Fickman directs the show and Chelsea Catalanotto alongside Pete Correale are in charge of the script. Music is composed by Alec Puro and Tim Clark alongside Andy Fickman, Kevin James and Todd Garner are producing the show.


The Crew Season 1 review there is nothing particularly amazing or bad about the direction of the show. It was decent. Andy Fickman did a pretty good job, to be honest. He captured every right expression at the right time. He was always capturing the right person to get the best out of them. Now that I think about it, the direction of the show was pretty good. I really liked some of the shots, like when the whole squad was standing on the side of the track knowing Jake screwed up. Another thing I noticed that Andy didn’t use much of the close-up shots that we usually see in these types of Sitcoms. I don’t know if it was for the better, but it was definitely something new.

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This was definitely something. Alec Puro did amazing and produced perfect music for these kinds of shows. It was nothing magnificent but it was sure captivating at some points. The Crew Season 1 review was there to increase the gravitas of the scene, but never really disturbed my watching. The tracks selected really suited the scene. Overall liked the music of the series.


As I said earlier, the dialogues of the show were really problematic at some point. All the jokes on vegans, technology, women, millennials were not funny. The Crew Season 1 review more like they have been used so many times that I didn’t find them funny. Maybe I should really stop watching all these web-series.


The Crew Netflix Series Review In my opinion, this show could have been better. It had the potential to be better and funnier. But it was held down. I don’t know it was me or everyone, but Kevin James really bored me out in this one. He was funny in some scenes but for most of it, I had seen that already. Another thing that bugged me was the runtime of the show. The show had 10-episodes with each episode being almost 30 minutes long. I mean, it’s not much, but for a sitcom, I think it is a bit much.

This was our ‘The Crew Netflix Series Review. What did you think about the show? Let us know down below. For more Netflix reviews, keep following Reelsrated.