The Best Romantic Shows on Netflix Right Now: Romantic shows will always have a special place in our hearts. No matter how tough you are, a good romantic show will melt you down. A good romantic show will make you laugh, cry, sad, happy, and will make you feel all the emotions you can possibly think of. Netflix has so many romantic shows that it becomes really hard to select any one of them to watch. But we have got you covered once again. We have made a list of The Best Romantic Shows on Netflix that you will enjoy. So buckle up, as these are the Top 10 romantic tv series on Netflix.

The Best Romantic Shows on Netflix

Sex Education

I know people don’t think of it as a romantic show, but I will be dammed if I don’t include this here. The first season showed us some glimpse of romance but the second season went full-fledged in that direction. Otis’s speech during the prom was enough for me to include this show here. But it has so many more layers to it. Gillian and Jakob’s story is heartbreaking, we don’t know what will happen in Otis and Maeve’s story. It is one of the Best Romantic Shows on Netflix that you can watch. So, go and watch it now. And with season 3 right around the corner, this will be the best time to start it.

Jane the Virgin

It is a good show. Jane the Virgin is a very good show. In fact, it is one of The Best Romantic Shows on Netflix and that is a fact. The show features all the stages of human life. From a rebellious stage to a mature one. And it got a love triangle which is the best kind of love story. The last season was kind of a mess, but everything leading up to it is just pure magic. And even if the last season feels like a mess, it makes sense from a certain point of view and that is everything you want in a show. I don’t know why people hate or sleep on it, because it is one of the Best Romantic tv series on Netflix 2021.

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Grey’s Anatomy

This is kind of a weird show. It always gets good ratings, people always like it, but very few watches it. It is not an underrated show in any sense, it is just kind of an acquired taste. Grey’s Anatomy has an absurd story that you will really like and the dash of romance in between is just beautiful. There is a reason why Grey’s Anatomy has 17 seasons in total. It is not a typical romantic show, but the few scenes we get for over 17 seasons make up for it.

The End of the F***ing World

I absolutely adore this show. When the second season was announced I was afraid that they will ruin it like most of the shows. But they didn’t, we got one of the best sequels to an outstanding series. Personally, I was left satisfied with the show and even if we don’t get the third season, I have no problem with it. It is an Odessey, it is a beautiful tale that is being told in the span of 16 episodes and it is absolutely brilliant. It is one of The Best Romantic Shows on Netflix Right Now and all of you should watch it.

New Girl

Just get past season 1 and after that, you will love it. Yes, the first season is a bit of a slug, but it is a really good romantic show after that. It is not the best thing you will ever watch, but it is a good watch nonetheless. The character development of Zooey Deschanel is truly wonderful. It might seem like she is becoming boring and slow, but you will see how good of a character she is as the season progresses.

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Accidentally in Love

It was a time before we insert a K-Drama into this list. I started this show without much knowledge of the synopsis but I am glad I started it. It might be one of the purest things I have ever watched. Usually, K-Drama really walks on the line of being cringy rather than cute, but this show excels in that department. It is downright cute and you will fall in love with this show. It was the best thing I watched after Meteor Garden. The ending might have been a little dumb but at that moment I really didn’t care.


It might be one of the best book adaptations I have ever watched. Bridgerton might have been overacted at some points of the show, but it is worth it. It is a Grey’s Anatomy type drama but in a Victorian setting and I absolutely loved it. The show might have turned into drama after the first season, but the first season was pure romance. The chemistry between the lead actors is so electrifying and so good that it really baffles my mind. The show is filled with cute little romantic tropes like long glancing, lead actors blushing just by the sight of each other. It is a decent show that will keep you around till the end.


This is definitely one of The Best Romantic Shows on Netflix Right Now. It is soapy at times, but overall is a solid romantic show that you will like. Moreover, it is not a pure romantic show, it got action, adventure, sci-fi, and time travel. So, it is a complete package deal. This show is another example where the chemistry between the lead actors made the show 100X better. The writing and acting from the leads are strong enough that you will give a pass to all that mushy stuff. And if you are into mushy stuff, what else do you want?

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The premise is so interesting itself. The better thing is that the way the show is able to weave all the flashbacks into the present scenario without making it feel forced or fabricated even a single bit. It is a kind of feel-good show that will make you warm and fuzzy in your happy glands. And sometimes that is all you want in a show. Personally, it is one of The Best Romantic Shows on Netflix of all time.

Crash Landing On You

Another K-Drama and another good show. It looks like Korea knows how to make a good romantic show. If you go and read the plot of the show, you might find it a bit dumb. But it is nothing like that. I think that the over the head dumb plot works out for the better of the show. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you to watch it. If you have watched it, what is stopping you from giving it another watch?

So, these were our picks for the Top 10 romantic tv series on Netflix. These are The Best Romantic Shows on Netflix Right Now that you can watch and enjoy. Know any other show that we might have missed? Let us know.