HBO Max subscribers who are cinephiles recently got a real gift. In addition to the vast amount of original programming that has been introduced to the service this month, HBO Max has also included a number of best A24 films. Fans of A24 have the opportunity to view and rewatch some of the best movies from the independent distributor on HBO Max. These lesser-known A24 films are available on HBO Max.

1. Son Of A Gun (2014)

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Director- Julius Avery

JR, a brazen Australian who has been imprisoned for a very minor crime, has the guts to confront the violent inmates who are abusing his terrified cellmate sexually. As a result, Brendan Lynch, a well-known mafia boss, notices brave JR and offers them the protection of his own thugs. JR’s skill at chess shows intelligence. JR is now officially enrolled and must wait for orders before assisting in planning Brendan’s daring escape, which involves a helicopter that JR has kidnapped. Then, he may or must participate in a risky but ill-planned theft of a valuable gold mine, which is difficult and dangerous, especially when their “mastermind accomplice,” Dave, and his gang from a nightclub play a double game. A suspect “party girl” adds to the complications.

2. The Spectacular Now (2013)

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Director- James Ponsoldt

Sutter Keely, a charismatic, well-intentioned high school senior who is the life of the party, makes tremendous attempts to hide himself behind a carefree but fleeting gift and a gigantic fast-food, alcohol-spiked soda cup. Sutter will, however, awaken in a random front yard where Aimee Finicky, his bookish and unpopular classmate, finds him while on her routine newspaper delivery route after a night of excessive partying and an awful breakup.

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3. The End of the Tour (2015)

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Director- James Ponsoldt

Reporter David Lipsky of Rolling Stone conducted a five-day interview with renowned author David Foster Wallace soon after the 1996 release of Wallace’s ground-breaking epic book Infinite Jest. As the days pass, a shaky but intense bond between journalist and subject seems to grow. The two men bob and weave around one another, laughing together and perhaps disclosing some hidden flaws, but it’s never entirely obvious how honest they are being with one another. Ironically, the interview was never released, yet Lipsky’s closet included five days’ worth of audio recordings. The two men never again crossed paths.

4. Enemy (2013)

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Director- Denis Villeneuve

Adam Bell teaches history at a college in the Toronto area. He has a gloomy demeanour, largely as a result of the fact that he is mire in a pattern that involves his relationship with Mary, his live-in girlfriend. Adam notices a similar-looking actor in a small role while viewing a rented film. He becomes fixated with learning more about his double. He discovers that the actor, whose real name is Anthony Claire, goes by the stage name Daniel Saint Claire. In addition to get marry to Helen, who is currently many months pregnant, Claire is a Toronto-based actor with a limited number of on-screen credits. Then, Adam becomes fixated on seeing Claire, who, despite the fact that they appear to be identical at first glance, is more “put together” than Adam. Their lives become entwined as Claire, in his own peculiar manner, develops an obsession with Adam.

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5. Mississippi Grind (2015)

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Director(s)-  Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden

An unsuccessful gambler and poker player named Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) is about to give up when he meets Curtis, a lovely and vivacious free spirit (Ryan Reynolds). He determines Curtis is his lucky charm as soon as he notices something nearly magical about him.

6. Locke (2013)

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Director- Steven Knight

Construction manager Ivan Locke is heading from Birmingham to London on the eve of a big project when he leaves the site and gets news that puts him further further from his previous life. After making the necessary decision, he phones his wife, his sons, his coworkers, and his boss to let them know the secret he is keeping while attempting to maintain both his job and family. But more significantly, he will need to accept responsibility for his actions and face himself.

7. The Rover (2014)

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Director- David Michôd

Australia has turned into a lawless wasteland ten years after the collapse of the west. Taciturn Eric moves from town to town looking for signs of life as desperate strangers plunder the nation’s priceless mineral wealth. Then, one day, Eric becomes a victim of ruthless criminals who take his car. Rey, their injure accomplice in crime, is left behind by the robbers as they flee. Rey gets coerce into helping Eric find the individuals who left him for dead as he swears to use all means necessary to regain his most priceless property.

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8. Slow West (2015)

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Director- John Maclean

The story of Jay, a 17-year-old Scottish aristocrat who journeys to the American West in search of his former girlfriend, is told in Slow West, which is set around the end of the 19th century. He quickly joins forces with a hard and enigmatic traveller named Silas when faced with the harsh frontier climate, and the latter learns that Jay’s ex-girlfriend has a bounty on her head. They go into the wilderness together, trying to outwit the bounty hunters at all times.

9. A Most Violent Year (2014)

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Director- J.C. Chandor

An immigrant and his family are the focus of a crime drama set in New York City in the winter of 1981. It is statistically one of the most violent times in the city’s history. They are trying to grow their business and take advantage of opportunities as the rampant violence, decay, and corruption of the time drag them in and threaten to destroy everything they have built.

You read that right. Before you get excited, let me remind you that the service is only available in a handful of cities for now, but if you can access it, the best A24 movies has an incredible slate of movies heading to it.