The Batman Raw Cut Review, The first review of The Batman is out and honestly, it feels so good. A test screening took place at the WB lot for the upcoming Batman movie. Very few people were able to see it. The movie was about 3 hours longs. Obviously, it will be cut down when it will get the theatrical release. But I want that 3 hours of Batman. Now, talking about the cuts, fans were really impressed by the movie and they are praising it a lot. Only a week ago, WB released footage of ‘The Batman’ at the CinemaCon. The footage revealed the look of Alfred and showed some of the action scenes from the movie.

The Batman Raw Cut Review

The Batman Raw Cut Review
The Batman Raw Cut Review

The Footage From CinemaCon

The footage from CinemaCon revealed the first look of our beloved butler Alfred. It also showed some of the most cold-blooded action scenes in a superhero movie ever. The footage showed Batman beating up some thugs with hockey and any other weapons he can find. He almost beat them till death. Both Pattinson and director Matt Reeves, have promised that the film will be “radically different” from any other Batman story. And it looks like that only.

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Positive Reviews

The movie has been praised by many people who gave seen the movie. It played for 3 hours and has gotten some incredible reviews. Many fans have claimed that it is the best DC movie to date. And I don’t know about you guys but I am excited about it.

Batman Narrating The Story

Possibly my personal favorite detail from the screening is that Bruce Wayne will narrate his own story. And this feels so unique and so much like the animated Batman. I still don’t know how this will turn out but I am excited about it. Mattson Tomlin, who is the director of the movie also hinted at this some time ago. So, I think that the descriptions of Bruce narrating his own story are true.

New Take On Characters

People who have watched the movie are saying that it had one of the most interesting takes on all characters. I have seen lots of posts online saying that Joker would have been a better villain. And I would say. People have been explicitly asking for Heath Ledger’s version of Joker. We can’t get that. But people who have watched the cut are comparing Riddler to Joker and it is so good. Heath’s Joker was a lunatic in an extroverted way. Whereas Paul Dano’s Riddler is angry at the world for not being loved with too much knowledge, streams online and locks himself in, and plans strategic killings.

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But it looks like Penguin will not be far behind Riddler in terms of savagery. Colin Farell looked brilliant as Penguin. he didn’t look like him at all. He has that iconic ugly nose of Penguin and has some deep scars all over his face.

Robert Pattinson

Pattinson as Batman

Fans have said that Robert is amazing as Batman. He is more relatable than any of his predecessors. This time director and writer decided to show him as a human. They explored his feeling throughout the movie.

His relationship with Alfred is warm. Alfred takes care of all of Bruce’s business. He wants Bruce to attend meetings, but Bruce never shows up.

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What to Expect

Words cannot describe how hyped I am for this take on the character. Sure, it’s not the first “grounded” Batman we got, but it’s the way it’s seemingly executing its.. “groundedness”.I’m really attracted by it. Like, even Nolan’s Batman had access to military/ government-grade vehicles and gadgets, This Batman.. honestly seems like he put together everything by himself, as you can tell from his suit alone.

It’s a type of raw groundedness that makes this Batman even less chained to the usual vigilante fantasy that comes with the character than Christian Bale’s take was. Even this Riddler is more “Zodiac Killer” than “Tv host showman”. So it’s no surprise that the first reactions describe a very graphic and scary horror film that I absolutely cannot wait to experience. I mean, come on: this is the same guy from Cloverfield and the Apes Trilogy. Greatness is to be expected!