Sweet Tooth Review, Netflix Sweet Tooth is a wholesome series that will fill you with hope.

So, anyone who says that Netflix is always dark and can’t produce a hopeful series, watch Sweet Tooth. You will see how wrong you really are. It’s not like DC hasn’t produced any hopeful series ever, but Sweet Tooth is just something else. Yes, it is a much lighter version than the comics, but it is utterly beautiful and soothing. Sweet Tooth Netflix series might be one of the most beautiful series I have ever watched, period. And not just in terms of direction, even the story of the Sweet Tooth Netflix series is beautiful. I can watch Sweet Tooth over and over again and I will be impressed every time by it.

Sweet Tooth Review

Sweet Tooth Review

Netflix Sweet Tooth Plot

So, the series takes place 10 years after a disastrous event called The Great Crumble. The entire world is affected by a virus and new hybrids are being born in different parts of the world. And as we know, in chaos humans are tend to blame anything they can’t understand. They start to blame the hybrids for the virus and decides to exterminate them. And in midst of those, our main protagonist ‘Gus’ is born. He is a hybrid too. Sweet Tooth Netflix series is a story about Gus’s survival and finding a place he can call home. Sweet Tooth is a story of hope, optimism, survival, girth, courage and shows the inadequacy of humans to accept something new.

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When we see a story revolving around a virus, we see how it had affected the world in a bad way. There are lots of scenes focusing on deaths, chaos, and misery. There are countless examples of that. But Sweet Tooth Review is just the complete opposite of that. I know I have said it enough, but the show smells of optimism from every corner rather than despair. It showcases the world we are living in and how harsh it is, but it is also able to maintain the hope that it will all be better. And that is something I have to give credits for.

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Netflix Sweet Tooth Performances

There is nothing to say other than that everyone did an amazing job. Especially, Will Forte. He is just amazing as Gus’s dad. The scene where he had to leave Gus is truly heartbreaking. You can sense the pain in his voice, see it in his eyes. If you want an example of how a single performance can make anyone a star. Look no further as Will Forte in the Sweet Tooth Review series is a perfect example of that. Nonso Anozie also did some of the best work of his career. And I want to praise Christian Convery because he pulled the difficult role of Gus with such grace. Another shining star in the show was Dania Ramirez. She was also shining in her own right.

Netflix Sweet Tooth Direction

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Jim Mickle, Toa Fraser, and Robyn Grace, who have directed the series. Because as I have said earlier, Sweet Tooth Review is one of the most beautiful series I have ever watched, period. The location is a big factor in that obviously, but the way they have shot the series is just brilliant. Another thing is that all three directors were in complete sync with one another. You won’t feel that there is a change in direction and that is something amazing. I can talk about the direction of the Sweet Tooth Netflix series for the whole day. It was just that amazing.

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Netflix Sweet Tooth: Is It Worth It?

Yes, absolutely!! Netflix Sweet Tooth series will keep you engaged right from the start to the very end. You might think that is a drama show that will be slow. But that is not the case. Netflix Sweet Tooth Review has a perfect pace right from the start to the very end. Yeah, I wish that the series was a little bit darker. Because that is what I want in my series. But, the creators decided to go on the opposite path and make Netflix Sweeth Tooth as much hope as possible, and I think that they succeeded in that.

In my opinion, Netflix Sweet Tooth Review is a must-watch. If you are interested in any kind of fictional world show, just go for it. As it is perfect for binge-watching.