Netflix has produced some breathtaking shows and movies for their platform including, Narcos, Stranger Things, Extraction, Bird Box, Underground 6, Murder Mystery and many more. Sweet Girl Jason mamoa is just not one of them.

Jason Momoa was expected to lead the story and, he does play his part satisfactorily. This is Jason Momoa’s first outing as a non-superhero character since his last movie ‘Bravery’ way back in 2018. The huge contrast in the type of roles in his previous movies and the current movie makes Jason Momoa look more vulnerable and frail.

You can divide this movie into three main parts. For the first 30 minutes, The Emotional story arch promises the audience that the movie is worth watching. The second part holds the hollow action sequences which does not add much to the story however, The third act shows the sensitive side of the movie but handling the baton of the story to young Isabel Merced was not the decision that mass would like. She is improving her acting film by film but this character needed an actress which can show the emotional depth of the character. Isabel did her best to justify the character and has come a long way since her last movie ‘Dora-The Explorer’

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Sweet Girl Plot and Direction

The movie roams around the concept of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry which might withhold productive research just for the sake of money. A similar episode costed Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa) his Wife Amanda Cooper (Adria Arjona) which could have been saved if it wasn’t for Simon Keeley (Justin Bartha) The CEO of a pharmaceutical giant who hinders the release of possible effective drugs to continue his profit. Ray declares all-out war on Simon via phone call during the live interview. Can Ray take his revenge? watch a movie to find out.

Brian Mendoza did his best on his debut movie as a director and showed that he can take risks to make or break the movie. Also, the cinematography of his movie is above average but the action sequence had some great camera work. It might seem shaky to any rookie but that shakiness is deliberately added to make shots look more dynamic.

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Sweet Girl Final review

One time watch

You can watch this movie for once. Acting has been up to the mark from every actor and everything would have fallen in place only if the story would have shown some stability and hooks. The first half raises the expectations but it doesn’t end that way. Hopefully, Scriptwriter Gregg Hurwitz The New York Times Best-selling Author will prove his worth in future.