As people look for slightly darker films to challenge their minds and offer them a thrill that will cure their burning enthusiasm, many viewers are rewatching the well-liked mystery film Knives Out in anticipation of the upcoming release of Knives Out 2. Particularly following the great debuts of The Weekend Away and Deep Water, many fans have been looking for thrillers that raise such difficult concerns. These suspenseful films are sure to leave viewers with a lot of unanswered questions.

1. The Girl On The Train (2016)

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Director- Tate Taylor

Rachel, who was previously blissfully marry, is now a depress, disturb, and lonely person. She has nothing to rely on but the fracture memories of a life is no more her—and, sadly, her alcoholism. Rachel is picking up the pieces after her marriage, which has ended in divorce. As a result, Rachel goes by train twice daily to and from Ardsley-on-Hudson, gaze wistfully through the perfect view of her chosen seat at the homes near the tracks. In an effort to make up for her loneliness and deal with the intense grief.

One of those homes was formerly hers, but now her ex-husband and his new wife reside there. Additionally, Megan, a lovely blonde who appears to embody all Rachel ever wished she could have become. However, is now lost to time, resides just two doors down the street. But then, one day, Rachel will unwittingly observe a situation unfolding on Megan’s doorstep, and, overcome with wrath. She will get off the train expecting to step in. However, she will awaken the next morning drenched in blood, battered, and totally unaware. Also, Megan won’t be anywhere to be found.

2. Gone Girl (2014)

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Director- David Fincher

Nick Dunne, a former New York City columnist, discovers that his Missouri home has been broken into. His front door is partially open, that there is broken glass all throughout. Most important of all, that his well-known novelist wife, Amy, has mysteriously vanished. As the skilled detective Rhonda Boney digs deeper and deeper into the husband’s supposedly immaculate image. Nick’s life is unavoidably get into the public eye mid an unrestrain media feeding frenzy. Nick becomes increasingly mired in a murky reality where nothing is what it seems as a result of half-truths and outright lies.

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3. Memento (2000)

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Director- Christopher Nolan

Due to a brain injury he got after intervening in his wife’s murder, Leonard, an insurance investigator, has memory loss. After this incident, his quality of life has been greatly diminish. Now, the only way he can now live a life that is understandable is by getting notes tattoo on himself. Also, using a Polaroid camera to take pictures of things. His faulty memory is made up for throughout the movie by using flashes of future occurrences. During which he interacts with a variety of nuanced personalities. Leonard vehemently desires retribution for the murder of his wife. However, as several individuals point out, there may be little use if he won’t recall it in order to give him closure.

4. Shutter Island (2010)

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Director- Martin Scorsese

Troubled U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new sidekick, Chuck Aule, journey to Ashecliffe Hospital, Shutter Island’s fortress institution for the criminally ill, to begin their difficult investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a crazy child murderer. Soon, incomprehensible intricacies of medical negligence hint that the institution’s enigmatic top psychiatrists must be concealing something beneath the gloomy purgatory’s thick stone walls. Teddy then begins to experience debilitating migraines and horrifying memories to a horrific past as a roaring storm locks both patients and investigators inside the dark offshore prison.

5. American Psycho (2000)

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Director- Mary Harron

Late in the 1980s. Patrick Bateman, a 27-year-old Wall Street worker, moves through a tight network of the proverbial beautiful people; in this closed network, only they are able to admit those who are similar to themselves while maintaining a sense of superiority. Patrick has a set morning routine to keep up his gorgeous and fit appearance. Like others in his network, he exhibits traits like vanity, narcissism, egomania, and the need to outdo everyone else in one’s self-presentation. However, unlike the others, he is aware that all of these traits are only masks for the true person or thing that lies beneath, which is inherently inhuman.

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In other words, he is made up of a human-looking shell that solely contains greed and disgust: want for what others may have, disdain for those who fall short of his standards, and disgust for himself for not being the first or best. Because he doesn’t see them as persons, but rather as the embodiment of the traits he wishes to eradicate, his revulsion ultimately manifests itself in his desire to purge the world of those individuals.

6. Searching (2018)

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Director- Aneesh Chaganty

A local inquiry is launched and a detective is assigned to the case following the disappearance of David Kim’s 16-year-old daughter. But after 37 hours pass with no leads, David makes the decision to look in the one place no one has searched yet—where all secrets are now kept—his daughter’s laptop. In an ultra-modern thriller, David must find his daughter’s digital traces before she vanishes forever. The story is conveyed through the communication tools we use on a daily basis.

7. Split (2016)

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Director- M. Night Shyamalan

Casey, Claire, and Marcia, three innocent schoolmates in the art class, are taken advantage of in broad daylight by the spooky predator Kevin Wendell Crumb, a broken man with Dissociative Identity Disorder, following an innocent birthday party at a mall. Crumb is a dissociative identity disorder sufferer. Kevin has not just one, but twenty-three different, suppressed personas. Of the horde that afflicts him, some identities are unavoidably more evil than others. The illusive 24th “Beast” identity, which is a combination of Kevin’s traits and the pinnacle of human growth, will eventually manifest in all its grandeur.

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8. Old (2021)

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Director- M. Night Shyamalan

Overworked married couple Guy and Prisca, along with their children Trent, 6, and Maddox, 11, travel to a luxury, strangely affordable resort in the hopes of having the ideal tropical vacation and fostering family ties. Instead, they are in for a tremendous shock as a quick trip to a private beach sets off a chain of bizarre, illogical psychosomatic changes that impact every visitor to the remote retreat. But time flies on this sandy, inaccessible beach.

9. Fight Club (1999)

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Director- David Fincher

An disgruntled insomniac looks for purpose in his boring and dysfunctional life by pretending to be a pathetic suffering during pointless late-night meetings in extremely addicting support groups for terminal illnesses. When Tyler Durden, an anarchist philosopher and travelling soap salesman, enters his life, the life of the bored white-collar worker is then changed forever as he reconnects with his inner self for the first time in a very long time. To his astonishment, the formerly depressed loner discovers that bare-knuckle fights in the Fight Club—an underground group of men who long to be free of the chains of a harsh modern life—allow him to experience pleasure through suffering. He is prepared to start a battle now.

10. Us (2019)

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Director- Jordan Peele

The now-mother-of-two, Adelaide, hesitantly makes her way back to their tranquil lake cottage with her husband, Gabe. In order to spend the summer vacation not far from the sun-kissed Santa Cruz beach. There, she had a horrible childhood experience. Adelaide is a mother of two. Adelaide, however, still has the unsettling suspicion that her weird doppelgänger encounter will somehow come back to haunt her, as well as her unknowing family, despite the passage of time. In fact, the joyful tourists’ worst nightmare will come true before the day is out when an evil foursome that remarkably like them sits in their driveway. Then they take their well-bladed scissors out.

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