Snyderverse will not continue: Says Ann Sarnoff: Even after the huge success of Justice League: Snyder Cut, it doesn’t look like WB has the plans to continue his vision for the DC Extended universe. Snyder Cut was released on March 18 and broke all the records. Justice League: Snyder Cut summoned the highest streaming number ever known by HBO Max. The streaming numbers were 35% higher than Wonder Woman 1984 at 3 days post-release. Even Wonder Woman 1984 broke all the records for streaming numbers when it was released. There were so many other instances of SnyderCut being the best thing that happened in DCEU ever. It broke the record for BookMyShow in terms of stream sales. Russian stream-service said that 400,000 people watched SnyderCut in the first 24 hours which is a new record for the service.

Justice League: Snyder Cut

According to SambaTV research, The SnyderCut debuted with 1.8 million U.S households tuning in which is a record itself. HBO Max ranked number 1 on the play store and number 6 on the apple store after the release of SnyderCut. And all these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. SnyderCut might be the biggest success DCEU has ever seen. But in an interview, Ann Sarnoff said that WB has no intentions of continuing the Snyderverse and they have their own plans. The news might come as a shock to every fan who invested in the movie. Because it looked like if SnyderCut was a success, WB will continue Snyder’s version.

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New Ideas and Vision

Ann Sarnoff stated that “We’re very happy we’ve done the Justice League: Snyder Cut. But we’re very excited about the plans we gave for all the multi-dimensional DC characters that are being developed right now”. She clearly stated that WB will not continue the SnyderVerse not matter what. They will go on with their actual plans. The news might be heartbreaking but we have to accept it and move on. All three years of waiting were worth it. I don’t know if I would have respected SnyderCut this much if we would have gotten it in 2017 itself. I am sure other fans also think the same way. Not only WB has replaced Snyder, but so many other changes are also happening.

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Billy Crudup’s, actor who played Flash father in Justice League: Snyder Cut will be replaced by Ron Livingston. Ray Porter who played Cyborg has also left and still, no replacement has been made. Both of these characters were going to appear in The Flash movie in 2022. Both of these actors elevated the Flash’s character in the SnyderCut, so it might really hurt the movie.

The WB’s decision of not continuing SnyderVerse might come as a shock because they invested so much in the Justice League: Snyder Cut. They didn’t let him shoot some new stuff but Zack Snyder did it anyway and WB didn’t mind it that much. Everything was stating the fact that WB is open to continue the SnyderVerse if it performs well. But Ann Sarnoff just killed all those expectations.

#Restrorethesnyderverse movement

After hearing Ann Sarnoff, fans had to go back to the old ways. Every fan who wants Zack Snyder to continue decided to start the #restorethesnyderverse movement. Fans rallied up their voices yesterday when they trended the hashtag restorethesnyderverse throughout the world. And in just half a day, there have been almost 1.50 million tweets and that is a record in itself. In that movement, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, and all the other stars supported the fans. This #restorethesnyderverse was all driven by fans and in almost halftime.

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Let me tell you, I have seen so many fandoms in the past, but I have never seen anything like this before. But hashtags aren’t enough to do anything now. All the fans can rally behind the cause but ultimately WB will take the final decision of what to do. We can just hope for the best. In my opinion, they should continue the snyderverse. If they don’t want to release it in theater, they should let Snyder continue his vision on HBO Max only. In that way, they will be able to do both of the things they want.