Film- Shimmy (Short Film)

Directed By- Disha Rindani

Running Time- 23 Minutes

Cast- Pratik Gandi, Bhamini Oza, Chahat Tewani


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A nervous 11-year-old, Raima finds herself in a dance practice at her school where students are shimmying out their dance moves. Raima is unable to participate. She is uncomfortable. Raima has a secret she needs to tell her father in order to get it off her chest. The journey follows her and her father setting the mission to save her day.


Courtesy- Google Images

Story Ananlysis

Shimmy,by Disha Rindani is dealt with pure innocence and understanding. It shows the kind of troubles girls faces while growing and the awkwardness of the “first-times”. Raima faces the issues that comes with her growing up.

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Along with Shimmy trying to figure out everything happening around her is her father, Anmol. He is a single parent which comes with challenges everyday. His daughter is growing each day, to which he’s making adjustment with that fact. He himself is trying to figure out life around him but he is ready to learn it with his daughter.

There is beautiful bond of Raima and Anmol. The sensitivity Anmol shows in understanding his daughter is heartfelt. The show has took the potryal of father and daughter on a new crossroad while navigating it slowly.


Though the running time of the film is short, still both Chahat Tweani and Pratik Gandhi have managed to deliver one of the best performances. Pratik Gandhi, last starred in Scam 1992 has played the role of a father with grace and proud. The real rockstar of the film, Chahat Tewani stole the show with her innocent, scared and confused Raima.

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Importance of Natasha Noorani’s CHORO

Raima listens to Choro by Natasha Noorani throughout the film. The song fades but it comes back when there is acceptance and hope in Raima’s life. Through lyrics, “Choro Choro Ye Haath Mera”, the viewers finds the message of letting go. It offers the hope of letting go of preconceived ideas of life to moving forward to new dimensions of life.


Shimmy illustrates the trouble of not finding the way of having a conversation about what is bothering us. The title of the film makes much more sense after watching the film. In result, it provides the idea of taking baby steps. Humans learn every day, each day they move forward doing better than yesterday. Shimmy gives the space of moving forward through taking baby steps.

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