It is an emotional rollercoaster for sure!!

Sex Education Season 3 Review: Finally, the third season of Sex Education was dropped by Netflix earlier today. They did a cheeky on us and decided to drop the season a little bit late than usual. But it was worth it for sure.

You might have already sensed that I absolutely loved the third season of Sex Education. It was everything that I could have asked for. I absolutely loved the third season and it will be very hard to pick out any negatives at this point. It is an emotional ride that will keep you on edge from start to the absolute finish. It might even overdrive your emotional glands if you can’t keep them in control.

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Sex Education Season 3 Review, Plot and Other Details

Sex Education Season 3 Plot

The third season starts right where the second season ended. From the introductory scene, only you would realize how bonkers this season is going to be. And you are in for a ride.

Moordale has a new professor now, Hope. And she is going to change everything in Moordale to bring back Moordale to its glory. But she also has a very solid reason behind it and you have to see that for yourself. All the other students are dealing with their own stuff. Very emotional and heavy stuff. And this is what the whole season is. It is filled with heavy and emotional talks. And somehow that doesn’t even bore you for even a single second.

They have structured the season so well and beautifully that not a single thing feels out of place. And it is sublime nonetheless.

Sex Education Season 3: What Worked For The Show?


Well, they already had a brilliant plot and it worked so well because they kept it simple. They didn’t try some unnecessary things to make it complicated or any of that sort. And sometimes you have to do only that.

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The makers really kept the story going without making it feel forced in any kind. And when you have such an emotional show to handle, it sometimes gets into the category of being forced.

Breaking Steretypes

Netflix can really go overboard and do some really bad things when it comes to breaking stereotypes with their shows. But in all three seasons, I don’t think Sex Education has ever got it wrong. They really targeted so many sensitive topics without going over the line even once. Be it, breaking the masculinity measurements or be it targeting the discrimination that queer people have to face in our world or how homosexuals couples have problems. Everything was on point.


Can I just say how much I loved the direction of the third season of Sex Education? Because it was quite beautiful. There were lots of differences as compared to the direction of previous seasons. And I really think that all these differences were positive and made the show so much better than it actually was.

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Sex Education comedy has always been one factor of the show that fans sleep on for real. And for me, it is one of the greatest aspects of the show. It is exactly what makes the show go from good to absolute class.

And the comedy in the third season was once again class. It was not as much as some of the previous season, but it was still really good. And none of the comedy scenes were actually felt forced or anything.

Sex Education Season 3: Is It Worth It?

If you have already watched the first two seasons you will watch the third season for sure. And if you haven’t watched Sex Education before, I think you should definitely watch it. Because it is absolutely amazing.

In my opinion, Sex Education season 3 was as good as I expected it to be. Maybe it is my biases talking here, but still, it is a very good season that you will surely enjoy.