One of the primary themes of the science fiction genre is risky experiments, and the scientists in these movies are frequently characterised as either having sincere but faulty motives or being prepared to go to any lengths to make an immoral experiment successful. According to Ranker, there is a boundary that should never be passed, and the movies on this list are excellent examples of scientists stepping outside of their comfort zones.

1. Species (1995)

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Director- Roger Donaldson

Whatever intelligent life form may be listening is sending a message from Earth into space. The scientists receive a response some 20 years later that includes details on the DNA structure of an extraterrestrial species and instructions for fusing that DNA with human DNA. The hybrid, which they refer to as Sil, is successfully created by the scientific team. The experiment had to come to an end because of some errors. By killing others, Sil is able to get away. The crew assembled has to act quickly to stop her because she is trying to mate with a human male. Sil will create progeny that will destroy Earth if she is successful in mating.

2. Splice (2009)

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Director-  Vincenzo Natali

Scientists at Newstead Pharmaceutics, Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast, are looking for ways to combine the DNA of other animals to create new genetic organisms that will be beneficial to humans. In order to change the genetic makeup of their experiment, they want to combine human DNA with that of Ginger and Fred, the hybrids they recently made. When the senior management decides to scrap their project, they decide to go ahead covertly and create a life form with human traits. Elsa loves their intelligent creation, which they call Dren and which grows up quickly, very much. Dren is raise by the scientists on Elsa’s abandon farm when the business shuts down their experiment there.

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3. Firestarter (1984)

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Director- Keith Thomas

Vicky and Andrew McGee first crosse paths at a college experiment where they get pay as test subjects. It appeared that the experiment involved psychic talents and was cloak in mystery and mistrust. Charlie, the couple’s daughter, was born into their union and possesses pyrokinesis. The power to create fires by just thinking about it. Naturally, Charlie attracts the attention of the government. The agents from the covert division known as “The Shop” want to isolate and research her.

4. Leviathan (2014)

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Director- Andrey Zvyagintsev

A typical family consisting of Kolya, his wife Lilya, and their adolescent son Romka. They lives on the outskirts of a small coastal settlement in the Barents Sea. The family is plagued by a crooked mayor who is attempting to evict Kolya from his land, house, and modest auto repair company. Kolya contacts his former Army comrade in Moscow, who is now a reputable attorney, in order to rescue their properties. Together, they make the decision to take the mayor down and retaliate.

5. Hollow Man (2000)

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Director-  Paul Verhoeven

Sebastian Caine, a bright but conceited scientist, has figured out how to make matter invisible after years of research. Caine urges his team to advance to the next stage while utilising himself as the test subject. Since he is driven to make the greatest advancement. The experiment is successful, but Caine starts to exhibit some unforeseen repercussions of his remarkable condition. When the process cannot be stop and he appears doomed to a future without flesh.

6. Re- Animator (1985)

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Director- Stuart Gordon

After the horrifying episode at the Institute of Medicine in Switzerland, Herbert West, an ambitious medical student, travels to New England. He is obsess with the concept of transcending the barrier of death and determine to prove his theory. Soon Herbert will resume up where he left off, persuading his sceptic roommate Dan Cain to join his bold endeavour. While initially experimenting with dead feline tissue and eventually fresh human cadavers. The university will inevitably begin to overflow with West’s reanimated corpses as the two young scientists delve deeper and deeper into unexplored territory. Hence, gaining the attention of his arch-nemesis, Dr. Hill, who longs to claim credit for this amazing discovery. Even with a little assistance, the dead will rise once again.

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7. Mimic (1997)

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Director- Guillermo del Toro

Children in Manhattan are being killed by a dangerous new sickness that reaches pandemic proportions. Dr. Susan Tyler, an entomologist, is asked for assistance by the desperate Peter Mann in eliminating the common cockroach, the illness vector. Susan uses genetic engineering to create a brand-new species of predatory insect that will kill the cockroach and then go extinct. The youngsters recuperate thanks to this creative technique, but since nature isn’t a lab, things don’t exactly go as planned. Three years later, people start to go missing, dismembered remains are discovered, and hysterical tales about enormous insects that look like humans are said to be emerging from the bags of people residing in the Manhattan underground system. Susan and Peter are asked to conduct the investigation.

8. The Fly (1986)

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Director-  David Cronenberg

Research scientist Seth Brundle, who works for Bartok Sciences, created “Telepods,” which are two-matter transmission pods that can transfer any thing through space from one “Telepod” to the other. But Seth doesn’t successfully teleport until he meets journalist Veronica Quaife, who motivates him to change the system. Seth utilises himself as a test subject for a matter transmission experiment, teleporting himself without realising his genes have been combined with those of a house fly stuck in the telepod with him. However, something goes tragically wrong. As his modified genes start to take control, Seth now finds himself slowly transforming into the terrible mutant creature known as “Brundlefly,” engaged in a bloody conflict.


9. The Lazarus Effect (2015)

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Director- David Gelb

For three years, Drs. Frank Walton and Zoe McConnell at the university supported by Werner-Goss Biotechnical have been investigating a serum called “Lazarus” to assist patients in comas to remain alive during procedures. The crew, which is made up of Clay and Niko, conducts an experiment using a dead dog, and they bring in documentarian Eva to make a movie about their findings. They do learn, though, that Lazarus has the power to raise a dead animal with new behaviour. They choose to keep their discovery a secret, but President Dalley terminates their research because he claims their experiment was done in blatant defiance of the Review Board.

Furthermore, Crylonis Pharmaceutical, a shareholder in Werner-Goss, entirely steals their research. To demonstrate that they have the patent on the serum, Frank persuades his staff to go back to the lab and repeat their experiment. However, an accident occurs, and Zoe is electrocuted and dies. Against the advice of his friends, Frank decides to utilise the Lazarus to bring her back to life, but the team soon discovers that something is amiss with Zoe, who is a practising Catholic and claims that she is imprisoned in hell.

10. The Island Of Dr. Moreau (1977)

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Director- Don Taylor

Andrew Braddock ends up on Dr. Moreau’s tropical island after his ship sinks there. Braddock is frightened by the weird creatures wandering the island as he waits for a ship to take him back to civilization. He also develops feelings for Maria, a beautiful woman who lives with Moreau. Soon after learning that Moreau’s evil experiments produced the creatures, Braddock hatches a plan to flee before becoming one of the victims.