With his first foray beyond the horror genre, Eggers is back on everyone’s lips after delivering the greatest one-two punch in contemporary cinema with a pair of New England folktales that expanded the genre’s parameters. With great fanfare, Robert Eggers’ violent and hulking Viking epic, “The Northman,” has finally been released. As Eggers makes his first excursion into the thriller subgenre, we considered compiling ten movies of the same calibre that have earned his endorsement. The following selections provide evidence that Robert Eggers’ encyclopaedic knowledge of both history and film extends to both fields.

1. Good Time (2017)

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Director(s)- Safdie Brothers

The tough fledgeling bandit Connie involves his intellectually challenged brother Nick in an ill-fated bank robbery. Because of his passionate affection for him and a volatile combination of desperation and a thirst for a brighter future. However, due to an unforeseen circumstance, Nick ends up in Rikers Island, which forces his frightened. But determined sibling to go on a terrifying, no-holds-barred mission to free him. Connie will now have to go to tremendous lengths over the course of a long and violent night to save Nick from a dreadful fate. Nevertheless, he is fated to cause more harm than good.

2. Hour Of The Wolf (1968)

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Director- Ingmar Bergman

To spend the summer, Johan Borg and his expectant wife Alma travel to a distant island. Johan, an artist by trade, has recently gets uninspire and restless. Johan keeps his diary in a black bag under the bed. However, one day an elderly woman comes up to Alma and asks her to read it. Alma grows more and more terrified as Johan’s mental condition worsens. Since he has been unable to fall asleep at night for some time, Johann tells Alma about happenings in his youth. Finally about Veronica, the lady he shared a home with for five years. Johan eventually disappears into the woods and is never seen again. What was real and what was imagine is unclear, even to Alma.

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3. The Killing Of A Sacred Deer (2017)

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Director- Yorgos Lanthimos

Little by little, a strong and compassionate friendship forms between Martin, 16, and the renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Steven Murphy after the sudden death of his father on the operating table. Even though Martin’s sincere intentions are immediately overshadow by a hazy but unsettling sense. The orphaned adolescent will quickly win the approval of Dr. Steven’s ideal family with pricey gifts. Hence, an invitation to dinner. Then, out of the blue, the happy family is struck by a severe and heartless punishment. As a result, everything begins to come apart as the innocents are made to suffer. Ultimately, only an unthinkable and unbearable choice that necessitates a pure sacrifice can purge the soul because the sins of one person burden the entire family. But one must acknowledge the sin in order to receive catharsis.

4. The Treasure Of Sierra Madre (1948)

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Director- John Huston

When Dobbs and Curtin first meet in Mexico, they agree to work together for Pat McCormick, a contractor. McCormick transports the two men to a secluded location and promises to pay them when the work is complete. After finishing, they go back to town to look for McCormick and collect their pay. They receive a little amount of money from McCormick, who also offers to go to the bank and collect up their payroll on their behalf. Then Dobbs and Curtin run upon an elderly prospector who promises to accompany them if they can raise the necessary funds and maintains that the hills are still rich in gold. After a little “persuasion,” McCormick eventually gives them the money, and the three of them leave together as close friends.

5. Blue Velvet (1986)

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Director- David Lynch

Inquisitive college student Jeffrey Beaumont starts to experience weird occurrences in the idyllic suburban area of Lumberton, North Carolina, after making the horrifying discovery of a severed human ear covered in ants. Where is the remainder of the body, though? Most importantly, who could be the owner of the startling discovery? Without being able to respond to these uncomfortable questions and with Detective John Williams of the local police force refusing to reveal crucial information, fascinated Jeffrey sets out on a fascinating but risky adventure to discover the truth with Sandy, Williams’ attractive daughter. The two are now increasingly entangled with Dorothy Vallens, a troubled nightclub singer with a velvet voice, and Frank Booth, her schizophrenic, gas-huffing, drug-dealing boyfriend.

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6. Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

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Director-  Robert Aldrich

Tough private eye in Los Angeles A scared young woman named Christina is given a ride by Mike Hammer when he spots her running down the street one night. Unseen thugs ram his car off the road. Christina is tortured in a fruitless attempt to get information from her, and Hammer is knocked out. They are reloaded into Hammer’s vehicle, which is then accelerated toward a cliff. Hammer awakens at the medical facility. His dependable secretary, Velda, notifies him that Christina has passed away. Mike’s policeman friend Pat Chambers advises him to stay away from the case, but he believes it might be a big story and earn him a lot of money because the F.B.I. is interested. He launches an investigation with Velda and his mechanic friend Nick in the hopes of learning the cause of Christina’s demise.

7. Get Out (2017)

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Director- Jordan Peele

A skilled young African-American photographer named Chris Washington is getting ready to meet Rose Armitage’s parents over the course of a weekend at their Lake Pontaco home. Although Chris and Rose have been dating for five months, the Armitages are utterly ignorant that Rose is a black woman. But when Chris eventually meets Rose’s mother, a psychiatrist with a focus on hypnosis, and her father, a neurosurgeon, he will quickly learn that the family is surrounded by black servants in the complete seclusion of their gorgeous, yet remote home in the woods. The family’s peaceful exterior will be quickly disturbed as the nice and polite atmosphere gradually gives way to an undetectable, if not unrecognisable menace.

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8. Raw (2016)

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Director- Julia Ducournau

Justine enrols as a freshman at the prestigious Saint-Exupéry Veterinary School. She was raised as a strict vegetarian. Justine quickly enters a crazy new world of weird school customs and brutal initiation tests as soon as she leaves the family home, forcing her to reconsider her steadfast herbivorous convictions. A rare and equally morbid appetite for flesh will change Justine into a totally different entity as she delves deeper and deeper into a dark world of unexplored animalistic impulses.

9. Lost Highway (1997)

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Director- David Lynch

The wealthy jazz tenor saxophonist Fred Madison and his soft-spoken wife Renee’s minimalist home in the sunny City of Dreams are filled with guilt, denial, mistrust, and dread, signs of the marriage’s slow decline. The reticent couple’s front door has been receiving mysterious unlabeled videotapes for the past three days. The cassettes’ progressively horrific contents have caused a string of odd hallucinations, dissociation, and murders. Now, an amnesic Fred finds himself on death row, while elsewhere in the city, a young auto mechanic named Pete Dayton, who recently got out of prison, plays risky love games with the statuesque femme fatale who serves as Mr. Eddy’s trophy girlfriend. Seduction, betrayal, and death come together on the gloomy, abandoned route of broken dreams and unfulfilled promises.

10. Burning (2018)

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Director- Lee Chang-dong

The alienated son of a farmer who is in prison, Jong-su works odd jobs to support his dream of becoming a writer. Then, one day, Jong-su meets Hae-mi, an outgoing childhood friend and aspiring actor, and as events unfold, agrees to take care of her cat while she departs on a lengthy vacation to Africa. In the interim, Jong-su enjoys fantasising about Hae-mi and is spending more and more time in her cramped apartment as he waits for her return. Finally, Hae-mi comes back, but to to Jong-dismay, su’s she comes with Ben, a wealthy, cultured, empty Korean man she met at the Nairobi Airport. However, Jong-su suddenly finds out about Ben’s hidden obsession as envy evolves into mistrust and bewilderment into lovesickness.